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A whole bunch’a wererats with a leader have decided to make a community in these tunnels. I found many rat’s watching over many human prisoners while walking around there. Why not try and figure out how to get there and free as many people as you can. Also if you can figure out how, you might be able to find out how to get to goddess Icaza and Overlord Hatchet, and their pets Sammy the cat and Snigger the man-eating snake.
South of the magnificent City of Calathar and through the Holy Grove lies the distant and terror-stricken realm of Grendel. To reach this place, you must travel past the Dwarven City, through twisting and turning passageways, and finally negotiate a cruel maze. Even the best-intentioned and stable-minded traveler may lose track of all spatial awareness when attempting to find this long-forgotten area, and it is advised that you take a piece of string lest you be lost forever in the mists of eternity. If, however, the luck of the many and colorful Gods of our Realms should descend on your upturned face (or you happen to be an Elf or an Illithid and therefore averse to excessive pedestrianism) then you could find yourself in a rewarding area. There is a fair selection of mobs to try your luck on, from the average Dane guard to the mighty Beowulf (both young and old). Perhaps you wish to traverse yet another maze and face the ferocious dragon....or do you dare take on the master of evil Grendel himself? Whatever your personal fetish, there is something here in Grendel for you...just make sure you pack a set of cards and a pocket TV for the journey, as those of short-attention spans may be liable to explode en route!

One day I was tracking a vagabond along the western wall of Calathar. When I came upon a giant thick chain leading into the clouds. So naturally I decided to climb it. Once I arrived at the top I saw a  Grand Knight eager to help people. I discovered I was at Redferne's Residence. So I ventured north towards the residence. I came to two massive Iron-Wrought doors. As I went through the doorway I came to a vast hall. with doors on both sides of me. To the east was a treasure room. To the west, Redferne's Library. I went on ahead again only to find two more doors. To the east was a horrible monster pin, I quickly left this room. to my West there was a sitting room. So I pushed on further down the vast hall only to discover a huge kitchen. If you seek out this Residence be sure to be careful, for nobody knows what danger lies here!

Now I'm sure we've all gone to the movies. And the Movie Theater in Perelandra isn't that much different from any other movie. Except when they show the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is extremely different from those other movies. This one actually lets you into the movie once the mouth starts moving. You see, the mouth mesmerizes you so you actually feel like you're in the movie. Walking along with Brad and Janet after their marriage, or riding with them on the road to Denton where their car pops a flat. Maybe you'll see the satanic mechanic who fixes it. Or maybe you'll find the sword of Damocles. You never know what you can find in a movie. Why don't you go out and look for yourself?

Off towards the eastern lands of Barren Realms rests a place where few travellers have ever gone..... but everybody knows of its legend. A place where countless pirates lurk, just waiting for innocent adventurers to step into their reach. Through this domain, many unknown treasures gather dust... lingering until the day in which its discovery comes. I speak of Sea of the Pirate Lords. For I am a traveller of sorts as well, and in this place you will find all that a seasoned mudder may seek. Adventure, treasures.... and especially danger. To find this sought out land, heed my words. You must head out east of Calathar, and travel many days in that direction. Abruptly, turn towards the north. A hill can be seen from your travelling path, proceed towards it with all due caution. After that, my memory fails me... I believe it was in a Northwestern heading... It is in this place where you will find all that has been promised. Fire from the ancient Greeks has found its way into the treacherous hands of raiders, beware. Also many stones of unknown origin float around the sea... as if the very wind could budge a presence that large. This is another great danger, for the unwary individual who fails to find a well trodden path... is doomed. For those that seek a map of the seas... I once heard a tale of the black masted ghost ship. It's said to keep the sacred map which so many coveted. This map can and will guide individuals to what they desire. Good luck my fellow companions, may the -gods guide your passage.
Hello explorers! I have a story for you today, it is about a place hardly seen by mortal eyes in this day and time. I speak of a small native village to the north and west of the half-sized ones. The people who live in this village are called the Shar-Quin, and though they may seem a little mistrusting of outsiders, some leeway has to be given as they are constantly under threat of attack by a rival tribe called the Shar-Lun. A visit to this village can result in much gain for the practiced adventurer, there are various decent equipment items there, as well as a challenging arena for the advanced (level 30-40) warrior to test their skills. I think if you can get by these villagers mistrust of strangers, your stay in the village can be a profitable one. However, if you're not the peaceful type, these villagers will also oblige any taste for combat that you display. Either way, this village is a brief look into the way of life (somewhat) of native jungle tribes. However you choose to conduct your visit, I'm certain it can be an enjoyable one.
Just outside the west gates of Calathar lies the land of the little people. It is a nice, quiet area, and the halflings who inhabit it are generally very nice to travellers. Be warned, though, that they do not take kindly to those that harm their kind. The sheriffs of the land wander the paths of the hobbits, keeping the peace under the direction of the Thain. The Thain himself is a wise old man, and in his part of the Barren Realms, his word is law. The halflings are notorious packpats, and an adventurer who looks carefully may find several useful tidbits stored away. The shops of the shire may not have the selection of those in Calathar, but the shopkeepers always pay top dollar for those who bring them interesting items. Be careful when entering any of the tunnels the halflings use as homes. An inatentive traveller could easily become lost underground.
Hello, my name is Eol, and I'd like to share one of my experiences with you. Some of you know me from my past as a Druid, and it is a journey during that phase of my adventuring career that I want to tell you about.

As a novice adventurer I was cautious -- some would even say timid -- in my wanderings. The career of a druid is one of caring for nature, and thus I spent much time in the Great Forest that links many of the Barren Realms areas together. I built sanctuaries and healed the occasional wounded forest denizen or adventurer I happened to meet. I meditated upon the balance in Nature, I made friends with the many woodland beings, and helped protect them from their enemies.

As my career progressed, I began to meet and become acquainted with some of the Realms more famous inhabitants. A very great hero named Derrydale was standing in the square before the Temple of Calathar one day and he said to me, "Eol, I've watched you grow strong in your powers over the years. I'm impressed by your dedication to the health and beauty of the Realms, and that is why I am singling you out for a very important quest."

My knees turned to the consistency of chilled monkey brains and my tongue felt like a hunk of rancid meat in my mouth. "Qu-- Qu-- Quest?" I stammered. "Derrydale, truly I am honored by your praise, but I'm really not the one to --

"Silence!!" Derrydale thundered. "I have consulted with the Immortal powers and you are the correct choice!!" There was a muffled wet popping sound and an unsavory aroma surrounded the two of us, driving away a few of Calathar's citizens who were standing nearby. Derrydale raised one eyebrow but decided not to comment on my temporary loss of bowel control. I guess he felt partially responsible.

"Take this," he commanded, handing me a silver, rune-engraved scroll tube. "It contains a map to a highly dangerous area many days journey from here, but perhaps not a great deal further than you have already wandered in your woodland haunts. You are you scout the area, keeping an eye open for any civilized inhabitants. It is a cold area. We know that from the lone member of the Red Fist adventuring company that lived and returned to tell about it."

I began to tremble uncontrollably, and I hoped Derrydale would take this as nervous excitement beginning to show itself. "What happened to the other members of the Red Fist" I asked, trying to sound as casual as possible. "Avalache probably has them trapped, right?" Derrydale frowned. "Frostbite!" I ventured. "The severe temperature caused horrible frostbites and they had to--"

"Enough!!" Derrydale thundered, and my second instance of loss of bodily control was covered by the sounds of surprised and fearful gasps from the citizens who had begun to re-gather in order to overhear our conversation. Derrydale leaned closer to me, and I was rendered speechless by the aura of power surrounding him. "Only one person returned because something killed the rest of them," he said evenly, "and we want to know what that might have been."

"Well, what did the lone adventurer report?" I dared to ask. "Surely he escaped whatever killed the rest of th--"

"He has unfortunately not regained the use of his senses or his tongue," Derrydale said in a low voice. Whatever happened, whatever they encountered, must have been vicious indeed. He's suffering post-traumatic stress, and may never be able to tell us anything useful. But I'll tell you what I think. I think it was that wizard Elverian who fled the wrath of the immortals years ago. It was him the Red Fist was looking for. They were to bring him back to answer questions about some cryogenic magicks he had been researching, magicks that Tuo and Gandalf warned were dangerous, magicks that caused the Duke of Malathar to exile Elverian from his city. It wouldn't surprise me if he were responsible for the Red Fist's demise."

Derrydale thrust a leather-skin bag at me. "Here, you'll need these during your long journey. I took the bag uneasily, as if it might contain a deadly adder. "Potions," he said, "for flight, healing, invisibility, you name it. You didn't think I'd send you unprepared did you?"

Needless to say, I did take the map and seek out the legendary frigid land of Skelnar. I encountered the fur-clad barbarians living there, held an uneasy truce with their shamans, and was permitted to explore. I even had to fight for my life against a Yeti who got the drop on me as I scaled an ice-laden mountain. I finally found a vast cavern in the face of the mountain, studded everywhere with razor-sharp stalactites and stalagmites. But that wasn't all I found. I found several pieces of ice-encrusted equipment: a shield of iron bearing an embossed red fist upon it; a shattered short sword with a red jewel in its pommel, a white cloak that almost eluded me due to it's perfect camoflage.

I realized I was at the scene of the Red Fist's last stand, and terror gripped my guts in it's taloned hands. Something wasn't right here. Where were the bodies of the fallen? Wait, was that what I thought it was lying between the bases of two close-fitting stalagmites? A partially eaten leg, with the femur exposed to the frigid wind whistling through this cavern like death? And over there, could that possibly be a torso? My fear took control, and I gulped a potion of sanctuary and invisibility and fumbled for my emergency scroll of teleportation. Time to get the hell out! In the middle of reciting the scroll, my blood turned to ice crystals in my veins as a voice louder than any I've ever heard before or since boomed a challenge from behind and above me. My legs froze. Only my mouth managed to escape the paralyzing effect of my panic. I heard a terrific CRASH * CRASH and felt the very floor of the ice cavern vibrate with the approach of some massive being I was too frightened to turn around and see.

Luckily for me, my recitation concluded just then, and I was whisked away by Derrydale's magic to his stronghold. He took one look at me, wrapped a blanket around my shivering body, and said, "Easy Eol. You're safe." He pushed a mug of mulled cider into my numb hands, and it must have been laced with something because I fell asleep soon after sipping from it. When I awakened hours later, I told him all I had seen and heard, and suspected. I started to swallow my pride and beg him not to send me on another sortie, when he said, "You have done your part, my friend. Relax now. Others will take over from here." I believe I temporarily lost my bladder control just then, due to immense relief, but if I messed the fine velvet cushions of the divan upon which I rested, Derrydale has had the sensitivity never to mention it to me in all the years since.

So, you ask, what of Elverian? What of the bodies? What of the noise behind me and the sense of impending death? I really don't know what to tell you. For all I know, Elverian may be dead these many winters since, but somehow I don't think so. And if my tale hasn't frosted the hearts of the brave adventurers who have heard it, perhaps they will seek the answers that I did not then have the might or courage to unearth.

The Smurf Village Do you remember those little blue Smurfs, their little smurfy ways, and their memorable smurf song? Well, this is your chance to go and hack them to little bits. The Smurf Village is an area for level 1-10. The area is a perfect place to continue leveling after you have gained your first few levels in the newbie wing. The Smurf Village is found in the northeast corner of Calathar. The smurfs carry an assortment of equipment, including the helpful Smurfette's Necklace (+1 to intelligence). You can have a wide variety of fun with the Smurfberries, found on normal smurfs. Smurfberries can do a wide variety of spells, most commonly 'Change-Sex'. This area is a very fun place to fight, so I'd suggest trying it.

Ahh Solace, home of many, city on the road to wilderness. Many useful items can be found here if you know where to look and who to buy from. I found rings of holding and rutabagas. Jello shots and mage mashers. You might even find some scuba equipment if you try. Of course if you don't try it doesn't mean you won't find anything. So, why dontcha go on down and take a look around. You'll have fun, I promise you. Oh, don't forget. Don't kill the shopkeepers!

In a secluded fortress, a clannish group of cultist monks dwell. They live here, in the Temple of the White Lotus, practicing their fighting skills, meditating, and praying to Buddha... oblivious to the rest of the world. Their leader, the great Buddha, stays in seclusion in the 36th chamber of the great hall of the 36 chambers, where he awaits his disciples to come and challenge him for the great gifts he passes on to the brave warriors who can defeat him.

Thalos is a great city for Mudding, thinking, and solving puzzles. It's an area for levels 10-15 located not to far from Calathar heading in a southeast direction. On first inspection, the city seems sad and deserted, the homes are barren and the stores are full of merchandise, which is rotting due to lack of attention and care. Strange little creatures called lamia have overtaken the streets and large chunks of rock guard this city. A large stone floor has been ripped apart? Better look again. Not all is as it appears. Thalos is a great place for some equipment to sell or wear, some weapons to gather, some points to gain, and a puzzle or two to solve.
Brave adventurers seeking to increase their wealth should explore The Thieves Forest. Be warned though, for this area hides many thieves that will gladly lighten your purse if given the chance. Assassins also lurk here guarding their treasure and will fight to keep possession of their hoarded gold. Finally, the master assassin awaits here for you, beware for he is the master assassin for a good reason and does not take kindly to intruders invading his domain. There is great wealth to be found here as well as a certain dagger often sought after by kenders. Stay on your toes in this area and you may leave with a heavy purse, if not you may find yourself leaving the hard way.

Just the other day I was walking around Solace the other day when I found the treetops. I saw many little forest creatures, like squirrels, raccoons, tree frogs, parrots, and even an orangutan. As I was walking along the trees I noticed that it got shadowed suddenly. Looking up I discovered that I was under a canopy of some sort. I started to find more fierce creatures here. Including boa constrictors, eagles, hummerhorns, even a HUGE roc. Why don't you come down and look around and see what you can find that I haven't found. The place is huge so I'm sure there are some things I haven't seen.

The Troll Den is a small area, home to a family of trolls. There are trolls of all sizes, and even a tiny baby troll. Of course, this is their home, and they may do anything necessary to defend it from an invader... namely yourself.
Twilight is a huge area, located far to the north and west of the main city, for levels 5-40. A port city, there are many secrets to be found here. Twisted catacombs run underneath the city, a treasure room is guarded by a zealous guard, and merchants display their wares. A greedy teller entices customers by providing free maps of the city, hoping to steal their money. Guards roam the streets looking for troublemakers. Many other mobs and equipment can be found here, but the exploration of the place has it's own rewards. Well, if you have the time, stop by the city of Twilight and you may find a good leveling spot, as well as one with many items of note and a bustling population.
Ultima is almost for all levels(5-50). But this is not an area like the others...There is a challenge on it...And a big challenge. For each level you have to find a key and a moongate...If you find the two you can go through the next level...But if not you'll stay stuck in the level ....The key and the moongates are relatively easy to find in the first two levels..But when you reach to another level it's becomes harder and harder. You'll certainly have some difficulty to find the key of the level above 2...But you can find it ! Just try...You need perseverance to find all the keys and moongates in ultima...But when you find all of it...You'll be proud of yourself...And maybe get some rare equipment...Ultima's entrance is easy to find..It's north of Calathar and very near of the hangman(Very very very very near). At the first level, you'll see a lot of holy sheep and shepherd...I hope you'll enjoy killing it...And you'll still be killing them for a long time I bet... At the second level, is the library. There the key and the moongate is a little bit harder to find. You'll see a lot of rats and mages wandering around for some books. If you look around maybe you'll find the key and surely the moongates...Maybe you'll be one of the rare person to have seen Lord British and the Avatar. On your way to the Avatar you'll have to fight some mobs...Like some muscular fighter...And you'll see a lot of strange things like a treasure chest overflowing with gold... But sometimes things are not what they seem to be..... Ultima is not a very hard area....There don't have a lot of aggressive mobs there... The most difficult part of this area is to find all the keys and the moongates... This is the real challenge! Not just killing all the mob and walking since you have clear all the area....No this is not! It's a good area though....Well I hope you'll enjoy exploring this amazing area... For people who liked Ultima the PC games you'll like to see all the people of ultima in the Realms! Well enjoy it! And take care!
To reach the Valley of the elves you have to walk through the perils of the hills. Although it isn't the easiest place to find, it is worth the time spent looking. There is a huge, dark cave north-east of the entrance to the valley. This cave leads to Moria. Although the elves seem like a peaceful people they are very fierce. This is probably because they have to protect themselves from the wolves and the dogs that are roaming there streets at all times. The village itself gives you this strange sense of magical powers. It seems it is coming strongest from the gigantic trees. The city even has a rope bridge and a network of small trails so the sentry's can patrol and protect the village. In the center of the village there is a small rundown shack. It is said that an old hermit still lives there. There isn't really any special building of any kind. The buildings here are basically just household dwellings that home the working class of elves. If you were to search the village well you would probably find the secret tunnel that runs beneath part of the village. There is good equipment in this area but you have to pay attention and look around for it. But also BEWARE!! The are traps in the village too. If you were to accidentally stumble on to a would now be known as another bloody mess at the bottom of the valley. All in all the equipment and the experience points are good for people levels 5-20. Go check it out, it's a great area.

If you go out of the North Gate of Calathar and turn east, you will find a dangerous path that passes both steep hills and a dark, dank swamp. Along this path there is a weeping willow which marks the turn to the White Tower. This secluded tower is a place of learning and training of both physical and magical skills. Some come to be trained as warders, the bodyguard of the Aes Sedai, while others train to be Aes Sedai, spell casters who fight against the Dark One. Each Aes Sedai belongs to an Ajah. Each Ajah is classified by color. There are blue, white, red, gray, yellow, green, and brown. Each color of the Ajahs has a specialty such as healing for yellow. The tower has five levels with each level having higher ranked Aes Sedai. The Amyrlin Seat, the highest ranked of all the Aes Sedai, sits in the Blue Ajah section in the top of the tower. Lan and Moraine, the two people that you will meet when first entering, are probally not worth fighting since Lan is the strongest warder and Moraine is the strongest Aes Sedai. The veteran fighers' skills will surprise you. They do not have white aura, weapons, or armor, but their years of fighting seems to have enabled them to hit blows of considerable damage. The other people in the tower would be called smart to some and wimps to others for they'll flee as soon as you begin to enjoy beating them into a pulp. The first level of the tower contains the chambers of the novices, people who are basically janitors. The second level contains the chambers of the accepted, those few who are selected to be Aes Sedai. Also on the second floor, there are the shops that include Armorer, Weaponsmith, Grocer, and Magic Shop. On the third floor, the chambers of the Aes Sedai themselves abound in many long and confusing passages. The fourth floor contains the sitters, leaders of the different Ajahs. On the fifth and final level sit the Amyrlin Seat and the Keeper of the Chronicles, two of the most powerful of all the Aes Sedai. Also hidden inside the tower are a few servants of the Dark One, the ultimate evil ruler. His minions include Paidan Fain, Sammael, the gray man, and the black ajahs.

While wandering around north of town I found a swampy path. Deciding to follow it I found the White Tower, home of the Aes Sedai. I walked up to it and saw many warders in their color shifting cloaks and Aes Sedai wearing their colored shawls. As I walked on I saw many novices working on cleaning walls and windows and many warders in training practicing hard to try and become worthy of warders. You notice, walking into one of the guest rooms, a giant being. At first you think he's a trolloc, but as you take a closer look you notice people bowing towards him and asking how long he's been away from his stedding. You suddenly realize that he must be one of the famous Ogier. After a little bit more walking you start to feel a great sense of dread. Deciding that it might be better to leave now you head home.
Greetings travelers, a tale I've come to spin for you of a city lost to most, a city of magic and the mundane. The city I speak of is Whytl, isolated by it's location deep in the mountains to the northeast of the hangman's hill. Within this city adventurer's of all degrees of skill can find points of interest, there are shops within which sell items that can be very beneficial to the new adventurer, and information can be found there leading to places and items of great interest to the seasoned explorer. Many races live there, search out the drow among them for seasoned, and the halflings and frinn may be of service to those just starting an adventuring career. The shops of the city can be beneficial to any who explore their secrets, and rumors tell of a great castle within the city's outer fringes that holds items and beings of power for the strongest and bravest among you to seek out. Search carefully for this city, for even if you do not find all it's secrets, there is always much to be gained in the searching....

The savannahs of Wild Africa east of Calathar hold many different races of creatures. Anything from lions and lionesses to bushman and zulu tribe members. If you are skilled you might be able to kill the Lion King! But I wouldn't recommend it unless you are brave. Maybe if you can kill the king you'll be able to kill Shaka Zulu. And if you are skilled, you might be able to find the rain-dancer. Good luck if you choose to try and level here.
Upon hearing about a legendary creature with the wings of an eagle, and the body of a dragon, I set out west, to find what the people in town called, a "wyvern". Heading west, I came across a shadowy grove, where I found myself lost, wandering for days, until I came to a small clearing. Hurridly walking on, with a renewed sense of hope, I could soon see the outside of a small tower, far off in the distance. As I got closer, the tower rapidly grew and increased in size. The air was getting thicker, and more humid, with every step I took. Walking even faster than before, I tripped over a bramble, sending me tumbling to the ground. Catching my breath, I looked up, right into the gleaming eyes of a huge, scarlet, dragon. The wyvern started to flap its wings, but not soon enough. Crying out in surprise, I grabbed my sword and thrust it into the beast's heart, sending it to the ground, with a loud *THUD*. A glimmering iron sword dropped to the ground at my feet. Picking it up, I knew the adventure had only begun.
YGGDRASIL (The world Ash)

Pronounced ig-dra-sill, this area host the home to many creatures good and evil. This Giant ash tree's entrance stands within Solace's woods. At the base of this giant ash tree, lie the darkest most evil things, most of which you would never want to meet, so evil that you would die if you met one. The roots of Yddrasil hold many demons, some pathetic, some deadly strong. The Trunk is just a single room, connecting the base of the tree to it's tops. The lower trunks hold many messangers, it is said this tree connects many worlds together thru it's roots, and that Ratatosk delivers messages from the demons at the base of the tree, to the eagles on the tops of the canopy.
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