Barren Realms Area Reviews
A - C

While playing on Barren Realms I ran into a city called Alandra and would recommend that every player visit it, if for nothing else, to witness the strangeness of it all. This once magnificent city is openly apparent in it's last stages of decay. Everywhere the stench of death lingers, from it's alleys and by-ways crawling with drug addicts and prostitutes. The Rank and Command of Alandra's Military Might is all but gone save for the occasional appearance of a 'Tired Guard'. It is quite clear there is little if any, of a middle-class existence, although shop-keepers appear to be robust and healthy, while all else including housing seems to be rotting away around them. Animals that once were pets, roam the streets in search of food and a caring hand. Perhaps this decadence is due to the Great Force of Evil that exudes itself from Alandra's Temple located in the city's extreme northern section. There is magic available here for those that know where to look as well as a healing item of sorts. Beware of what hides in the smallest of shadows in this decaying city. One would be advised to take care where drug addicts, prostitutes and vagabonds fight not only famine and disease, but each other to feed upon dead men's flesh, while somewhere from an alley a vendor's voice echo's in the air, "Tacos, get your fresh Tacos!!" Makes one wonder what they are really made of.
At the bottom of Crystalmir Lake lies the majestic city of Antharia. This jewel of the sea is different from other cities since it is entirely underwater. Even though noble adventurers need to worry about breathing, it is definitely worth your time to visit and explore. Suretin, the healer, can tell you many tales of past wars and battles with the elements as well as heal your wounds. The ever-vigilant Antharian knights patrol the streets to protect the innocent. There are several shops of interest and you can take a scenic stroll around Temple Circle. One of the most scenic sights in Antharia is Kael's Bridge, which connects Temple Circle with the business district. There are also plans for a zoo to be built in the northeastern corner. Like most cities, Antharia has its merchants. The weaponsmith, unfortunately, does not make any weapons; instead, he merely trades in them. However, the armorer sells turtle shells which make good body armor for adventurers around level 16. Of important note a magic shop sells a couple types of shells that have magical spells and a scroll that is a must buy since it contains an `enchantment' spell usable by lower level warriors. If you are the less scrupulous adventurer, the knights can be found wearing swimfins and armor. They wield tridents and nets, which I thought was pretty cool. Some of the higher ranking knights also possess a special ring that enables flight. Why they have them underwater, I cannot say. So, if you have some extra time and are between the levels of 9 and 42, take a swim to the bottom of Crystalmir Lake and visit the majestic city of Antharia. You won't regret it. (Also keep in mind, this is a great place for heroes to stage quests!)

A vast, difficult to access land awaits the true adventurer. The land of the Arabian Nights is laden with difficult enemies, but the successful fighter will reap the great rewards. All the mobs from those childhood stories roam the deserts and palaces of the Arabian Nights. If a traveller manages to get past the first door, they will be confronted by the fearsome brass dragon. He holds a powerful scroll for the wounded traveller as well as the key to the door. After meandering through the desert for awhile you may come across a palace or two. Scheherazade sits near the entrance to one with the captivated King Shahryar. She's a toughie, but her powerful book has ten charges of fun for the looter. Wander a little farther in and you are bound to come across a few nasties like the Magician and Thief. The thief has a prize you could run back and show your friends in Calathar - at least it's proof you made it there and back alive! For those high level players, seek out Aladdin and the princess. If you manage to get past them, why not take on Ali's mom, too? After you've finished them off, why not walk around the marketplace a bit. There's a couple servants flying around - hmmm, wonder how they do that. Even Sinbad's there, turban and all, ready to take his voyages again. You can participate in his adventures your self. Maybe, you'll even find a cool feather somewhere. The Arabian Nights is a beautifully designed area with fabulous descriptions as well as challenging mobs. Even if you don't want to fight, at least take a walk through the land. But careful! That desert gets hot!
Spiders! ACK!! Spiders EVERYWHERE! Bring your bug spray if you go here Also, bring things for those spider bites, then can affect you. While exploring this area, it brought back some vague memories of visiting it at a much lower level. Some people are scared away because of the poison, but that doesn't keep some people away. One hitpoint per tick isn't very much. Other than the poison, this is a great area to level in. Tons of mobs, and some items that are pretty useful. Be careful while exploring this area, there are aggros that may be deadly. There are also slaves wandering around, working endlessly. The slaves who don't do everything they're told are eaten. Of course, you can go there with your weapon and kill everything. Have fun while doing that, and gain levels! Also, there is a potion that will cure your poison and some hp at the same time. I suggest looking for it!
One day, when I had just entered the Realms a idea came to mind...I wanted a change.. I wanted to explore an unknown area of the Realms. So I cast some useful spells on me and started travelling with the Buddha's help. The first place Buddha transported me to was in a strange city hidden somewhere in the realms. I had never been there before so I decided to stay a while and explore it. In this city there were a lot of orcs, no other race to be seen except those kept as prisoners by the orcs in their dungeon...I was surprised to find all the facilities of a good city. I found a weaponsmith, a guildmaster, a healer, a grocer and some other shop. All the shopkeepers were of the forgotten race of the orc. I went through the city and after a few minutes, I saw two big orc's guarding a door. So I entered the building and realize that I'm in the orc's keep. I met a huge orc: The orc's commander. He welcomed me and invited me to sit down for a little with a glass of wine. We talked about almost everything and I got some interesting information. I heard that the city is ruled by a strong orc. The Mighty General Murdoc Legbreaker. Nobody had seen him but regularly his champion comes to the commander's throne to give some order to the commander. The General was supposed to be one of the strongest orcs in the Realms and he was rumored to have earned a awesome treasure hidden on the city...But nobody has found it...

Ahh, the power of flight: Held by all, but mastered by few. For those who have practiced the great skill of aerodynamics a challenge awaits you. Rising high above the city of Calathar, the Astral Plane holds the mightiest of Demons and harnesses power beyond all imagination. Wandering aimlessly through the endless maze, you will encounter Ghosts, evil hunters, and even your worst Nightmares. Beware! Many of these dark creatures roam here seeking revenge for their banishment to this endless maze. Many will not think twice before attack the likes of you. ‘Tis rumored there is a weapon that increases the wielder’s dexterity by massive amounts, a useful tool for those nimble thieves and humans. If you are lucky enough to find the end of the maze, through the mist lies the Queen of the Astral Plane. The mighty Lich Queen, bearer of the sacred flail and black pentagram. Her unholy magic enables her to defeat even the greatest player, whose flesh she will hungrily feed on. Beware the wrath of the Queen and her minions.

There are many attractions to see during your visit to Barren Realms. One of which is the amazing action-packed Barren Realm Museum. Tickets are available at Brandi in Perelendra. Once you have entered the museum you have a choice to go eastward to the Egyptian section, with kings’ pyramids and mummies galore! Visit the historical Mediterranean, with the Temple of Baal and the Merchant’s corner. Cross the Mediterranean sea into a cave and come find Fred Flintstone and Family. Yet another section in that area is Holy Byblos, Teacher and citizens of Byblos are learned in the Bible’s teachings and they are fluent inscriptures and readings. A market also resides in Byblos where there are many things to buy. Walking westward of the entrance you will arrive at the museum promenade, leading to the hall of the Dinosaurs. There are many halls within the dinosaur realm. The hall of Avians, and Theropods. South of the promenade is the planetarium. Go on a moon walk and kill Neil Armstrong and Captain EO. Go see Carl Sagan on the voyager satellite. The Museum is for all who with to visit. Come have a good leveling time at the Museum and bring your friends!

Tales of mystery and terror can be found on BR. South and west of the city are crim . . . . people that live in a manor. Walking there I met Wadsworth the butler, asking if I had an appointment with Mr. Boddy. I bluffed and said yes. Looking around I found Mr. Boddy himself on the croquet field, DEAD! Who dunnit? Taking the mystery upon myself I tried to look for clues. I found a fountain, but nothing there. I questioned guests like Mr. Green, Colonel Custard and Madame Scarlet but none knew who dunnit. In the library I stumbled on a secret hallway, using it I found some interesting clues. I won't tell you more or Sgt. Grey might think I'm a suspect!
South of the gnome village and across a river you will find the entrance to a VERY odd underground city. Beware, for once you enter you cannot return. The Cage and Aquarium is an area full of strange creatures and items, with lots of variety. Fans of the musical group They Might Be Giants will spot an awful lot of in-jokes here... If you're looking for equipment, this is the spot. There is something to raise just about any stat you care to mention...strength, hitroll, mana, you name it. Invisible mobs and items abound, and there are also a few hidden mobs, at least one of which contains an excellent armor item...but never fear, there are also at least two mobs which carry items which will help you detect the hidden mobs. Take heed, though...many of the items you will encounter are cursed, so be careful wearing them! It will probably take you a while to explore the town, since there are so many nooks and crannies to investigate, and you will discover that a lot of keys don't look anything like keys. On the West End of town is a peculiar statue, which will make you fly! Below the statue you will find a mighty ocean, with more strange creatures, an island with more useful equipment (including a light that you might find useful for when you gain a level), and maybe even the lost city of Atlantis! You need to bring your sense of humor with you, and beware of high-level mobs, but if you take the time to explore thoroughly you certainly won't get bored. Make sure you read all the descriptions...there are lots of little details worth noticing. (For example, read the guest book in the hotel.)
Well met friends, I have a tale to tell of a beautiful land, ruled by a true king, who holds honor above all. In this land the wary and observant traveler can find many knights who will forcefully test your skill in battle, and reward you well with valuable items if you pass their tests, but these things may be gained only through a duel to the death, and some do not fall on the field of honor with ease. Some have told of returning from this land with powerful protective equipment that served them well through many later battles, and some told of having found information concerning a trailpack which when given in battle by it's owner, can regenerate some items the adventuring type can use. This land is called Camelot, ruled by King Arthur himself, and guarded by a ferocious knight at the one pass that gives entrance to this magical land of lore. The true explorer may find this land far to the west of Calathar, but travel not this path without true strength and skill, or you may be one of the many who have not returned.

A place for all levels! For people going there for the first time, I recommend starting with the plumpatrolls, tasty little sweet things that bite back on your teeth. If that is too easy there are the gumdrops and mints. These sub areas are for all low levels. For the higher levels you must cross the great rainbow bridge. East of the rainbow bridge you will find Grandma Nuts' house. You will find many crunchy tasty nuts to crack open. Also east of the bridge is one of the stickiest places on the mud! You will see the lollipops as they run quickly to see you and stick to you. far north and east of the bridge will be the ice cream sea. Submarines and ice cream cones , the yummiest part in my opinion. To the west there is yet another sticky situation to run in to. Sticky pools of Molasses are west and you may wish to be careful they are very high and aggressive. Alas the moment you have been waiting for, you look up at a large castle as it towers over you. You see an almond joy bar walk by looking big. Entering the castle you see, reincarnated mobs: Plumpy, from the plumpatrolls, Jolly the Gumdrop, Mr. Mint, Grandma Nut, Princess Lolly, Queen Frostine, Gloppy. You are amazed as you see this incredible thing done. Eventually you kill them all one by one, and you arrive at the last chamber in the castle. You hear nuts, sweets, crunching noises, the room itself is killing you. Then you see him... King Kandy a level 51 mob and extremely equipped. He is the hardest mob to kill in Candyland and you must take extreme caution in killing him. Candy land provides the biggest variety of mobs around I definitely hope it is easy enough to find for you. Beware the M&m’s and nerds that roam around the entire area. Good luck and happy leveling.
Well guys and gals, this is a place that you will enjoy tremendously. Well let's see the Casino is a pretty well proportioned area full of games and fun pastimes. There is an automated teller there, but I wouldn't spend all the money in your account, being poor is not a good feeling. Well we have Slot machines and Barmaids - which by the way are pretty good looking! To play the slot machines you have to type $play slot. Now they cost good money so don't spend it all in one place. They usually cost 1k, but stay away from the 10 thousand coins one, it could get hairy. Its all greediness, so don't be greedy! and if you are, then don't cry when you do lose some money. Ill tell you one thing, chances are you will come out a winner, because in Barren Realms. You are always a winner.
Far above the trees of Yggdrasil is the enchanted Castle in the Clouds. Take the grand tour of the Castle with the tour Guild or find your own way. Visit the Famous dancing sword or taunt deaf librarian. Flirt with the Swedish maid and watch the cook hack up some steaks (don't ask too many questions because he has a huge temper and an even bigger cleaver!!) Everyone is happy here except for the mice who can't seen to find a scrap of bread because of the constant cleaning of the servants. For those with expensive taste visit Franc and get a bottle of '66 Chablis. The castles Great service has attracted some of the most famous people in the realms, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty have both been know to frequent this fine establishment. I was told that they both have a private tower on the upper level of Castle. Maybe if you ask nicely you can get an autograph? You may not see them personally because of a troop of tough guards that keep the peace.
Below the innocent-looking chapel lies a grimy catacomb. The inner tombs have many mazelike random passages which can confuse you, and if you are not careful, you will end up taking the short way to hell or meeting the inhabitants of the tombs of the undead. Stone walls, musty air ... the earth seems to moan softly.
I had been told many stories of the lich Ciquala and her treasure which was hidden somewhere beneath the gnome village. I was told never to look for it because of the dangers that lurked below, but despite all warnings, I set forth to get my hands on the fortune. It was in a fortress that I found a trapdoor. This I found hidden in the mess hall. A guard stood there glaring at me. As I started down, his expression spelled out certain death for all that entered. I was immediately greeted by foes. An angry guard and a gigantic metallic...beast...soon had a shot at me too! I ran for the exit and slipped into a tunnel with a falling ceiling!! Climbing over rotting bodies of adventurers I made it into a storage room. I had to fight off a vampire lich to find an interesting map room where I was certain to find a map of the lair...but every one I looked at burst into flames!! Of course, if I HAD the map I wouldn't have stumbled into the guards and strange creatures at each wrong turn. I had been rather unlucky in my choices, for I ran into a grinning torturer lich who wanted me to try his iron maiden, and a laboratory assistant who wanted ME to be his next science experiment along with the creatures in the surrounding rooms. Just a few minutes ago, I ran into the lich Ciquala's pet dragon that almost tore me to shreds seeking to protect Ciquala!! I am severely battered head to toe...but I know Ciquala is just ahead by now...and I want her head...and that hidden treasure too... I am writing this letter in the hope that somehow it will get to you all in case I don't make it. If I don't, perhaps someone at level 40+ can do better than I - and make sure you land one hard blow... just for me...
Come one, come all, to the Greatest Show on Earth. Step right this way ladies and gentlemen, see the bearded lady, see the strongest man alive. We have midgets! We have the master of Illusions. Step inside the Bigtop, Watch the lion tamers tame the most ferocious animals on earth. Watch as the tightrope walkers defy death. See the Clowns frolick merrily. Step in and see the wild animals. We have it all Ladies and Gentlemen, and all it will cost you is a measly few gold coins...This area is a must for the newer adventurer, well written and fun to visit it has many of the things that you will need to make adventuring easier, be sure to check this place out. Go behind the scenes, check out the greedy circus owner, rake in the dough.. but be careful, please don't feed the sure to check this place out carefully, as it yields it's secrets only to the most thorough.

When I was much younger wanting to see all of Calathar, I started out and wound up in the city dump. I went under and ran into all kinds of slimy creatures, first I ran into a creature called Lemur Blob and after dispatching it, a bat came flying at me. After killing the bat and roaming around, I ran into some snakes and maggots. They made my skin crawl, then I went into this room with this weird creature called the Basilisk, he was tougher to kill. Then in crawled a mud monster and took me awhile but I killed him and limped my way back to the temple to rest.

The Cliffs of Insanity are caught in the middle of a power struggle between the surrounding kingdom's forces of good and evil. The evil forces, led by the evil Prince Humperdink, seek to capture the Princess Buttercup and make her their queen, making Prince Humperdink ruler over the land. The force of good in the kingdom is a lone warrior, long gone, and very mysterious, who seeks the Princess's hand himself, and to overthrow the evil Humperdink. There are many other characters and plots which have not been mentioned, but can be found by viewing the basis of this area, a movie called "The Princess Bride".
Near the bartender, there lies an entrance to a mysterious place. Going down, you realize there are no exits back to the city. Sentinels guard the entrance to a tower and as you enter, you notice a bubbling noise. Entering a watery haven where little puddles swirl around your feet and water drops bounce off your nose, but beware the angry stones, they will catch you unaware. Finding a spiral staircase, you walk up to find a musty library where the books are alive and roam around the place. Hidden economics of the level will rob you blind. Secret rooms therein where pseudo-treasures await you, forewarn that books on death do not look kindly on travellers. Walking around in a daze, I spy another staircase and proceed up. What a sight that beholds me: a garden of paradise, a garden of time where tressway and prickly bushes taunt me. Stumbling through the garden, I came upon a maze conjured by the ancients. Befuddled, I attempt to find my way back only to see another staircase leading upwards. Do I dare to go up? Gingerly, I moved my way up to find myself in the hall of immortals where specters wander aimlessly around and the demons of the past guard the entrance to the keeper of the hourglass, when you have conquered your past, only then can you face your future. At the pinnacle of the tower lies a window that oversees the very sands of time and there, you would have reach your destiny.
The Clock Tower begins 2e,S and then down from recall. This is an excellent area to gain xps rather quickly. After you open both gates you will find yourself surrounded by Pillars. Waterdrops, puddles, and pools are scattered abundantly throughout this first level. But BE CAREFUL, an Angry Stone also lurks. This Stone moves rather quickly around and doesn’t stay put in one place for too long so SCAN SCAN SCAN. And typing WHERE STONE wouldn't hurt either! The Stone is responsible for numerous deaths to those unaware of his presence. After your xps begins to decline, travel to the middle of the Pillars where you will see a Spiral Staircase. Traveling up with bring you to the Library, which is filled with BOOKS and more BOOKS. As do the puddles, pools and waterdrops the books will also assist so be wary if there are a large number in one room. There is also a sneaky little thief in the Library who likes to take your gold as well as anyone else who was there before you. Kill this Book-thief and he will truly be Economical! Off to the next level, at either staircase to the north or south will lead you to the3rd level of the Clock Tower. Gnarled trees, Maples, Oaks and prickly bushes are scattered around this area. The bushes are the best to start out with, but be aware again as all will assist. As you get stronger (or braver) move along to the gnarled trees, then oaks and finally maples. There isn't a lot of valuable equipment in the Clock Tower but you may enjoy the Cloak of Poetry. Again xps is abundant here so happy Hunting and if it’s your first time here, bring a friend! It may prove valuable.
While wandering east of the city, bored as usual, I found a place I had not yet explored. Walking around, I found some mean beasts, hungry for my blood. I defeated them, finally, and came upon an old witch with a key to something. After wandering around a bit more, I found a priest who carried something that cut the damage taken by me by half! Because there were only two mobs there, I got bored and left. I soon found what that old witch's key was for! It was to the entrance to a medium-sized brush area, called Cormyr. There, I found witches with cloaks that begged me to put them on, which I did, but couldn't get them off. Angered at this, I ran around furiously, until I found the center, defeated the leader of Cormyr, and went down. There, I found a mob with a staff that had a spell not usually available to mortals, which did a tremendous amount of damage. If you are a level 25-35 and are looking for a great place to explore, I would seriously would recommend the area of Cormyr.
Recently I was wandering around in the deepest parts of the Dwarven Forest when I came across a small little lumber town called Dunkledorf. Well it had been a long tiring day and I needed some sleep. I decided to find an inn to spend the night. When I went up to ask for a room the innkeeper asked me what I was doing in this town. When I told him that I had been enjoying a few days away from civilization he gave me a funny look and handed me a key. I went straight up to my room but on the way I heard a few rumors of witches and warlocks wandering around outside of town and sometimes a very loud roar. Hearing this made me very curious, I decided that sleep would be better if I planned to leave by dawn. All through the night I could not sleep because I could hear some sort of noises in the room next to me. It sounded like chanting but I put that off as a part of my imagination because of the rumors. I decided to take a walk around in the woods surrounding the small town. As I started to walk back through the woods I noticed that some light was coming through the hedges around me. I tried to push through them but nothing happened.. After about an hour of searching I found a way through the hedges. And right into an area filled with campfires. All around me were people dressed in black robes chanting words unintelligible to me. They seemed to be worshipping something in the very middle of the area as they had it surrounded. I decided to go see what it was they were worshipping. I walked slowly to the middle and seemed to be ignored by everyone around me. Occasionally they would look up at me and grin but other than that they did nothing other than chant. When I finally reached the middle I looked down and saw a grate of some sort barring my way. I moved the grate and went down without looking and saw the most horrible thing ever. A monster of some sort was forming to the words chanted. I immediately ran him through. I reached the inn back in town and went up to my room.
While fighting Xor one day, I realized I was feeling a little tense. When I was finished, I decided I needed to relax and take it easy for a while. I had heard of a pristine lake called Crystalmir near the Holy Grove, south of Calathar. This sounded good, so I packed a lunch and some fishing gear and headed out to find the lake. The area was beautiful! The lake was calm and peaceful and the forest surrounding it was lush and awe inspiring. When I first arrived, I met a healer named Goldmoon. She was a beautiful blond woman who carried a bright blue staff and was always willing to help or talk to a stranger. I asked her about the area and she told me it was normally peaceful, but it did have its dark side. Adventurers between the levels of 5 and 45 could certainly find some excitement here. I bid farewell to Goldmoon and continued down the path to the lake. At the lake, I met a friendly ranger named Riverwind. With the sun gleaming off of his silver longsword, he warned me of hobgoblins and other evil creatures that prowled the forests, trying to get their hands on Goldmoon's blue staff. He also told me of the legendary White Stag that lived in the forest and is said to have magical properties. After listening to his stories for a while, I thanked him for his advice and began to walk around the lake. While walking around the lake, I came across a gentleman(?) named Fewmaster Toede. This is exactly what he looked like, too. A toad, I mean. He looked me over carefully and decided that it was not a good idea to attack me with that chamorro dagger of his. In fact, he excused himself and hurriedly walked away. By this time, it was a little after noon and it was beginning to get warm. I decided to cool off by taking a little swim in the lake. On the surface, the lake seemed serene and harmless, but, once below the surface, this changed entirely. Under the surface, I came across several types of fish, and even some barracuda. I also discovered an underwater city, but that is a story for another time. After my swim, I decided to explore the surrounding area. To the south and west were majestic mountains with gorgeous land formations such as Sentinel Gap, Twin Peaks Vale, Jakanth Vale, and Prayer's Eye Peak. The lake was bordered to the north by prosperous farmlands. I met and talked with several farmers and their dogs, sharing adventurers and gardening tips. I came across a really weird group of travelers at one point. They all wore big robes that disguised their race, so I'm not even sure what kind of creatures they were. My gut instinct told me that they were not as they appeared and should be watched very carefully. I would have done this, except a new adventurer journeyed into the realms and needed my help. I departed the area immediately and returned to Calathar. If you are looking for an adventure, I sincerely recommend a trip to Crystalmir, and maybe you can discover who those robed figures were.
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