Barren Realms Area Reviews
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Beyond the academy lies greater challenges for the starting player. One place to practice your combat skills for the beginning skirmishes is the Dangerous Neighborhood. Crawling with the scum of Calathar, the Neighborhood is a popular area for levels 5 through 15. Any of the lesser experience players will find the trolls and ogres to be their prime target. Those more powerful may attempt to fight the fleeing vandals, or the armed patrolmen and bruisers. Even those "attractive" dolls are no pushovers. But, then again, one can't be when roaming around White Dragon Boulevard, can they? Be sure to test out the equipment you get, if you manage to survive the bloody battles. A suggestion for you: don't forget that gang members stick together through thick and thin. Even rivals might assist each other in the case of a third gang - YOU!
The Dark Sea is not an area for the meek. There are definitely some tough mobs there. Once you hit level 45, you'll realize that the pickings are slim for creatures that will give you good XP. The Dark Sea will make you a leveling machine with it's large array of high level mobs. Two of the toughest creatures in the realms, Leviathan and Kraken are at the bottom of the sea, and they mean business. They each have a special blade that will stand against any good weapon. Also, if you're in need of gold, there is rumored to be 5 treasures guarded by LARGE sea creatures that are of the highest value, and have strong magical attributes. Be sure to stop buy Lexie's in Solice for some scuba gear before venturing out for some serious XP. Even the strongest warriors in the land can only hold their breath for so long. The Dark Sea is east of town in the northeast corner of the Dwarf Forest. **WARNING**.. If you're below level 40 and wish to take a swim here, plan on dying... and if you're below level 45.. Don't go too deep.. You might get eaten.
Approaching the Tower, finally free of the perils behind you, looking up only shows a dark ominous stone tower, haze dulls the view upwards, and blocks you from seeing how tall it truly is. Feeling you will fair better inside then to turn back, you put your hand on the door knob, slowly opening the door, you hear some shuffling from the other side, as you get the door partway open, it flies open, and a storm of bats screeches out into the night! Slowly edging into the Tower reveals only a Dark hallway lit only by small torches along the wall. Continuing through the hallway, doesn't make you feel much more at home then did the travel here. Deep scratches into the stone wall send chills down your back as you wonder what fearsome beast has ravaged this Tower. Weapons among weapons line the walls of this large room, and windows glimmer dimly from floors above you. Walking endlessly through the halls, you come to find many well-crafted weapons, many you wouldn't want to be on the opposite end of. As well as weapons, many strange symbols line the floor and walls, look around you'll be very surprised on what you find. Deep within the tower, lies the source of the evil, and great tales that go farther back then even I remain here, as well as struggles and death, that have been shown by the gruesome scenery around the tower, and the empty, floors void of all life. Fate deals you life or death as you walk through the tower. However, killing the source of all evil, and conquering the tower, would be something to be very proud of, and a great way to explore. Many things in the tower, are hidden in one way or another, and show the true skills of the people who write areas, Even though the tower is void of life, It is truly something fun to explore, and quite a daring experience! Has some nice Equipment thru-out it as well.
Descent to Hell... Almost self-explanatory, isn't it? Hidden in a poor kid's closet, the entrance to this, the land of nightmares, is not easily discovered. The house is to the north of Crystalmir Lake, on the other side of a killer maze. Designed for levels 30-50 by Strahd, Hell is composed of evil Guardians, living body parts, and lost and damned souls. In Hell, you will encounter the worst of the 7 deadly sins, many hidden and aggressive creatures, and one of the favorite Hero-initiate monsters, the Living Wall. First is the burnt halls, where you find the sins and many tortured beings. Then is the Lake of Fire where evil devils run around lighting ex-adventurers like you on fire, just for the fun of it. The land of Ice follows, home to the Killer Penguins, who peck on frozen bodies embedded in one huge glacier. Also in Hell, is a zone of construction, Admin buildings filled with, what else, but Lawyers, the Mall from Hell (which has no stores), and an Abyss, which leads you to a surprise. Among the great items that you find in Hell is the legendary Farslayer sword, one of the most powerful, but two-handed, swords in BR. Also, you will find a few Shopkeepers, who mostly sell worthless items, except Stanley, who has on his person (not for sale, but for pillaging) a bunch of magical horse figurines, with spells like Mass Invis, Gas Breath (a Hero only spell), and Summon. So, although it has lots of experience points available, and Many great items to find, watch out, because Aggros are everywhere, and it's a LONG walk back.
One day, wandering far farther then I should have, I came upon a place called Dragon Tower. I entered, reading the interesting descriptions of the rooms, and having a pretty good time. I found an empty stairwell, and climbed all the way to the top. There, in the main hall, I found someone who wasn't too happy that I invaded his privacy in his office. After getting out of there, I continued exploring, and found a secret wall, where I found some very nice equipment. I found a few other secrets there, all of which I will not reveal here, so if you're levels 5 through 30, and are looking for some different equipment and mobs, come to Dragon Tower.
East of Calathar there is a Dwarven town, they are a thriving community mostly keeping to themselves and doing what dwarves love to do. Yet it seems that a thing has visited them most foul. Occupying some abandoned mines below the town are some of the vilest creatures to ever walk the realms. Zombies, Vampires, graverobbers, there are even some misty things. Something has gone terribly wrong! Beware! If you are feeling strong of heart visit this place, help them to purge this evil visitation to their lands, as they seem unable to do. This area was well written, with many interesting mobs, as well as rooms to explore. You may run across an aggressive mob or two so be careful. There are some decent items to be found here as well. When I am around this level and even sometimes after I make the time to visit this area, it is always worth the short trip from town. And remember if you visit there, please dont feed it!

This low-level area is for newbies from level 1 to 5. Parent dwarves drop off all their young here while they go off to do their daily chores. There are many fun things to play with in the Dwarven Daycare. Such as the always lovable Raggedy Anne doll, the ever so cuddly bear, and for the male children the brave and strong toy soldier. But along with its good parts there are the old and ugly toys. Newbies usually pick their pink ice rings from the once beautiful abused old doll. But if you’re looking for a place to fool around this is it. There is a great playground there where all the young dwarves go when they want to play outside, and if you want, you can visit them. But be careful, as the nannies don’t take kindly to strangers and they if you attempt to kill the little tikes they will help them and you will be facing two mobs rather than one. If you plan on going to visit the daycare center you had better go to the bathroom before you leave, as the bathroom is very messy and it would be recommended if you went somewhere else. Another thing to know about the daycare center is that all mobs there steal your money. So you would be wise to put your wallet in your bag or go to the bank on your way there. To the south west of the daycare there is a small mini-maze that is for the young dwarves to build up their intelligence, as they are not as smart as humans or druids. You may enter the maze and solve it. At the end there is an armed guard which could give you a run for your money and hit points. Do not underestimate the toys’ tactics and you will be having fun in no time.

So you're scared to go after stuff that is bigger than you eh? Well then Dwarven Kingdom is the place for you. Land of the Vertically impared. Didn't your NANNY tell you not to pick on people smaller than you? I thought she told you to play nice with your TOYS, not fight with them. If you explore further, you will find some dwarven MINERS and GIANTS. Becareful! For you know how dwarves make great warriors. Those dwarven GUARDS look pretty mean too. If you find the key to get further into the caves, you hear of the tales of Castle Strangeglove. Also you hear many stories about a horrible creature called "it". Just what is "it"? Sounds interesting...
DYLAN'S AREA (aka Scubdu's)

Just what you've always wanted to do, fly among the clouds. If you can't cast the fly spell, make sure you have some purple potions of fly. This is a good size area, with plenty of mobs for levels 15-30. It's also off the beaten track, (just a little west and slightly south of recall) so you aren't tripping over 10 other players and competing for the same mobs. There's no equipment up here to gain or treasures that I could find. But this is a great place for strictly gaining experience. Go carefully, while exploring, while the clouds are safe to walk on, there are some valleys and mountains to explore and some very slippery cliffs and ledges. You could end up in a no-exit room. All in all, it’s a great area with something for everyone. Be sure to check it out.
While wondering through the realms recently I came upon one of the most interesting areas. As I topped a small rise I was able to look down upon what the sign called, "Elemental Canyon." Being the adventurous sort, I decided to wander in and see just who was home. I visited the Earth Ruler, the Fire Ruler, the Water Ruler, the Air Ruler, and strangely enough, the Ruler of Electricity. Each of these ruler's loyal subject wander throughout the canyons as friendly as could be. I saw flames conversing with puddles, small rocks visiting with gusts of wind. It was the most one of the most interesting afternoons I have spent in the realm. Then, just as I was preparing to leave, almost out of the clear blue sky, I came upon a common street vendor, or at least he so appeared. When I inquired as to his wares, he told me that he sold one thing and one thing only, Anti-Cyclops Elixirs. When I inquired as to why he would sell Anti-Cyclops elixirs here, in Elemental Canyon where there were no Cyclopes, he calmly replied, "See how well they work." Not being the type who would argue with such profound logic, I quickly purchased all of the Anti-Cyclops Elixirs that I could afford, just in case I was to run across a location in the realms which could not boast the claim "No Cyclops live here!"
Phantasia's Elizabethan Theater was one of the most interesting areas I've visited. It being only a short walk from Calathar, it's very accessible, and easy to find. For many of the people that love a truly beautiful description, Elizabethan Theater is one of the best. Many of the actual descriptions are poems, which is quite a switch from the norm. Also for the mudder that needs new updated equipment, many of the items in this area are good to use, and very stylish. You should be aware, however, than sometimes the pen truly is mightier than the sword. And that Shakespeare is not someone to be trifled with. I think Phantasia said it best, and how true it is. "For those of you who like Shakespeare, I hope you find this area enjoyable. For those of you who hate Shakespeare, I'm sure you will enjoy killing here!" All I have to say is Phant did a superb job designing this area in its entirety. So if you have the chance, check out Elizabethan Theatre.... and be amazed.

The Faerie Ring is a small area located northeasterly from recall. Definitely put this area on your must do list. I found it ferocious, fantastic, fanciful and fun. Full of fairies and sprites and a few surprises here and there, (make sure you thoroughly explore this area ) it's a perfect spot for levels 10 to 15. The nixies and pixies will tickle your funny bone while stern brownies keep you on your toes. There are lots of points to be gained here, and several valuable pieces of equipment that you won't want miss. Make sure you bring your potions of see invis though, as I said there are a few surprises in store for you here.
One day I decided to take a walk east of Calathar. But I ended up getting lost in the jungle southeast of the city. As i was wandering through the jungle I came upon a ancient temple. I cautiously aproached not knowing what lay ahead. I opened the temple door's and was suprised to find many Great Cats. I saw many different types of them. Large Jaguars, Giant Lynx's, Lions, Sleek Cheetahs, and even a tiger or two. As i explored the temple further I found out that there was even a saber tooth tiger. near the heart of the temple. You must be very carefull here, for the great cats never take there eyes off you. I would bring a friend if u decide to hunt out these great cats for they are great hunters and fighters. They wouldnt hesitate making you cat nip!

This tale is about a place called the Fireswamp ... this level 40+ area is highly aggro with oversized rats call ROUS and pesky FIRESPOUTS that enjoy toasting containers. When venturing here it isrecomended that you bring plenty of invis elixirs ... and if you are really smart you would bring others with you ...

Over the river and through the woods, to Freeport we go! Well, it's not quite that simple actually. The beautiful town of Freeport is inaccessible by the common player. Only elves and druids harness such a power. An elf could teleport his way in, while a druid could summon the citizens out. However you manage to get there, Freeport is a fascinating town filled with popular "friends". An old geezer hanging out at the wharf has a powerful ring granting the wearer the ability to breathe underwater! Of course, there is the infamous Lord of Freeport, Lord Mourning - bearer of the oft-sought Dimensional Capes. Of course his buddy, Oglethorpe, won't stand idly by as you beat Mourning senseless. Freeport is a regular city though, with an armorer, weapons master, etc. If you manage to find yourself in Freeport, check out it out, do a little shopping, and mingle with the citizens . . . or is that MANGLE?
For all of you that just couldn't avoid the fun house at the carnival, or at least those of you who are levels 12-17, this is the area for you. Located south of town in the circus area, the fun house contains areas such as the Psychedelic Hallway, a falling ceiling, shaking floors, a maze, and a suspension bridge. The perfect area for those of you trying to figure out how to level and have fun at the same time. Careful though, one wrong turn and you'll have to start back at the entrance. (Who knows, you might even find the pope here, but be careful, he's no aggressive, but he is tough - like level 64.
Short on stats, I was searching wildly for better equipment. On my way, I stumbled upon a huge gathering of stars. There I found many stars, young nebulas, and even some well-known constellations, who had equipment the likes of which I have never seen before. I tried on everything I could find, and found out that these Titanic pieces of equipment were just what I was looking for. Levels 30 - 40 will not only gain great equipment and a few experience points here, but will also have a good time recognizing the celestial bodies in The Galaxy.
This is a tale of a captain's ship. Well no, not actually all about what happened to the ship. Ya see I was wandering around just the other day. Looking for a place to lose myself from the world. And what do I find but Gilligan's Island. Now, at first I thought oh well tourist's must come here all the time to see the castaways, but I was wrong. I was surprised it's a great place to level and yet no one came. Possibly because it's hard to find, maybe they're scared of the headhunters who roam the island or the hurricane that hits a lot, although I doubt it. My bet is that they are afraid of becoming stuck like everyone else on this puny little island with no chance of escaping. I did my best to help..but with all the primitive-ness and no baker to buy pies and no grocers to buy water skins from, I just had to leave them there and go back to civilization. I remember it well, though. Mr. Howell playing golf, the professor trying to think up a way out, even a butterfly catcher trying to catch a rare butterfly. Ahh, the memories... of course if you go there it could be different but then -ya never know until ya try. So why don't you go out to Gilligan's Island and find out for yourself what it looks like. It will be fun and ya won't get lost too easily.

This is one of the places that's hardly looked at. People pass through here to get to Ciquala's Lair and the hobgoblins. There's a really neat item that the scientist had. Seemed to produce food by itself... Other than that, there were nice gnomes playing in the streets without a care. Why don't you come and visit this place to get rid of that feeling?

One day as I was walking down a dark dismal path southeast of calathar when I came upon a creepy old gate. As I went through the gate I found myself in a dark graveyard. As I wandered around in this dismal place I saw many creepy creatures, Dusty Skeletons, and Rotting Zombies. As I walked deeper into the graveyard I came to a chapel. As I entered the chapel I instantly began to feel better, for the chapel was quite nice compared to the dark paths of the graveyard. Inside the chapel there was a priest in prayer. I decided that this was where I would stay for a while instead of the outside with the Skeletons and Zombies. You must be careful in the graveyard and beware of the tombs. For the skeletons and zombies are always on the lookout for fresh prey!
Crawling through the sand, scuttling along, hidden just over the next sand dune, it lurks. So unique a landscape should not be wasted. The Desert, that's where the adventure beings. A major part of keeping mudding fun, is exploration. And it's interesting exploring a small maze of sand, seeming to continue on far, far as the eye can see.
Journeying across the blazing Desert, the sun beating down on your brow, you'd think nothing else could survive here. Wrong. Besides having harsh weather, there are many more dangerous obstacles to overcome, especially for the unprepared traveler. The Desert is renowned for it's exotic and cunning animal life, such as scorpions. Also known to be wandering among this land, are secretive nomads. Beware adventurers, these nomads are not to be taken lightly, for many wield sabers of excellent quality, ready to be used on invaders to their territory. They also have a permanent base set up, filled with nomad warriors, slaves, and their leader, the nomad commander. But many more creatures are found in the desert, hidden from view. So I warn, any dwarves, elves or anybody alike, to keep a watch over the Desert as you cross it, because you never know what you will find.
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