Barren Realms Area Reviews
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After passing the Pied Piper I ran into the town of Hamelin...The poor town was over run with rats, everywhere you looked rats forcing out most of the inhabitants of the city ... still there area few people waiting for someone to help kill all the pesky critters, they keep gnawing at everything and even tried to start on me ... after visiting the Mayor and Councilmen and telling the other people still left in town to hang in there I had to leave I HATE RATS !!!!!!
Haon Dor is a dense, vast forest which stretches out to the east and west of Calathar. It is inhabited by a variety of creatures, which include wargs, foxes, a lumberjack, a watchful Forest Brownie, and even a ferocious Green Dragon. And, this forest, although an entity in itself, from a wider view, is really a major intersection of the Realms and connects a wide variety of areas to Calathar.

I recently heard some rumors of a place west of town hidden in the shadow grove called The High Tower of Sorcery. I went looking for it, but wasn't ready for what I found. Disembodied eyes and hands. A golem maker who makes golems to guard the building. Magician apprentice, an enchanter, and an illusionist. I got lost many times in the twists and turns of this tower ending up in the same place so many times I almost gave up. Finally after many hours or searching I found the stairway up to the floor of the Grand Mistress of Sorcery. Almost I was destroyed by her superior magic but in the end my strength won. I took her dagger and her cats collar as spoils of battle. I also found a nifty looking backpack with a ring in it that I could use as a boat. After that I decided that waiting longer could be suicide if all the denizens of this tower decided to attack me. I went north in a room and suddenly appeared at recall. Not knowing how it happened I turned to look for the door back and found it had disappeared. I searched and searched all the next day and was unable to find the high tower again. One day, I will search for it, and I will find it again. On that day, I will discover how I was put at the temple like that.
Heading south outside the gates of Calathar one day, I found a nice little picnic spot. If you adventurers can resist all the thrills and fun the Circus has to offer you, you can find a place of great beauty and serenity. I'm talking about the Holy Groves, of course, which many of you have probably passed through to get to Solace. I suggest you stop by and have a look around one of these days. The Groves aren't exceptionally large, but the aura of peace that surrounds it makes it a nice little scenic spot. There is plenty of wildlife (read: cute, fuzzy animals you get to kill 8) to be seen, and the local druids seem to enjoy frequenting the place. Also of note is the mansion located in the southeastern part of the groves. Although the mansion's owner was never in when I stopped by, he seems to have a few druid friends (or vagrants, I'm not sure which) living with him. There isn't any real equipment to be had in the Groves, although many of the druids carry herbs that can be quite helpful to the "magically- challenged" races in the Realms. If you busy adventurers can find the time for some peace and quiet (and fuzzy animals to kill!), you should definitely stop by the Holy Groves. You may even want to bring a camera, it's got a lot of nice scenery and charm.
I was walking around in the forest west of town the other day when I came across a place I've only seen a few times. The sign said it was the horror hills and as soon as I entered I knew why. I found big nasty orcs and mean scary trolls, huge rats and little mice. It was all to much for me to handle. I ran as quickly as I could from there, but I wasn't watching my step and I fell into the battle arena. Bleeding from many wounds I fought with many orcs, finally reaching the orc leader. We fought for a long time, I finally won by striking a lucky shot to the side. The leader fell to the ground where I finally dispatched of him. After that I ran as quickly as I could, not wanting to be killed by orcs avenging their leader. I finally found my way back to the city, bleeding freely from dozens of wounds. I swore an oath to return there one day and rid this world of those evil beings!
I started my journey by traveling out of the south gate of Calathar. Upon my arival to perelandra I entered the city and continued south. After leaving the city along the south path, i found the entrance to my destination to the east. Once there i saw many animals such as bears, deer, stags, moose, and wolves. Although they are friendly and wont attack on sight, be careful, one might supprise you. I noticed that it wasnt a hard place to learn, you might find yourself traveling in circles, and if you look hard enough, you may be able to find a couple of log cabins. Also to the east of the grounds is the haunted manor.
Along the eastern wall of Calathar lies the enterance to a magnificant garden, full of insects of incredible size. Hacking your way through the thick vegetation can be tiring, but coming face to face with an oversized centipede bent on tearing our your limbs like a glacial ice worm who's been fed a barrel of ale is the true challenge, for the brave adventurer who dares to venture into the jungle. Inside this strange land also lay three kingdoms, run by the weaker termites, the stronger ants and the defensive, and strongest bees. Any adventurer seeking a challenge may want to explore these places, but for the conservative realmer who steers clear of these spots, remember to be on the lookout for other insects. In this strange land, it would be advisable to keep your eyes peeled.
As you may have noticed, Calathar is full of strange and mysterious things...but you may not have noticed what lies *in the air* above Calathar. There is a fabulous take-off site just south of the fountain that brings you high above the city. A nice flight above Calathar is good for a few things. Besides being able to keep an eye on those pesky thieves in town, brave adventurers levels 5-10 may find it a nice place to practice hunting down some nasty creatures. What DOES inhabit the air 40 meters above the city streets? Why hungry black griffins and playful dragons of course! Be careful though. They may LOOK innocent frolicking beneath the rainbow, but you better be ready when you bump into a swarm of them ready to knock you back down to Calathar where they think you belong...

Roshi & Amystery

So you've decided that you want to go on a vacation? Well why don't you listen to this ad! Visit exotic places, meet exotic and dangerous people. Visit the pirate isles in the pirate seas. The jungle isle, under the control of One-Eye the pirate lord, is the first isle on your trip. Continue on towards the Fire Island, controlled by Redbeard. On this island lives Pele because of the active volcano there. On towards the third pirate isle, the Pirates Atoll, run by Mizzenmast, the third pirate lord. This island is surrounded by many aggresive sea animals. Sharks for example. On towards the fourth island, the flying island, the hawk people of this island are led by Lord Vulture. On this island you can find many useful items. Including the everfull mug. Onward, towards the fifth pirate isle, the iceberg, under the control of Cutter, the fifth pirate lord. Cutter carries the Frostbite, one of the most powerful swords I've ever seen. Then, onward to the sixth and final pirate island! This isle is called The Hall of the Sixth Pirate Lord. The sixth pirate lord's name is still at this time unknown, but if you find out we would like the knowledge for our records. We do have in our records that the sixth pirate lord is in command of all others and all others fear him. So if you do happen to make it that far, be careful, we don't want any deaths on our records. We've learned they drop our ratings. ENJOY!

{20 25} 1st Isle of the Pirate Lords: Jungle Island
{25 30} 2nd Isle of the Pirate Lords: Fire Island
{30 35} 3rd Isle of the Pirate Lords: Pirate's Atoll
{35 40} 4th Isle of the Pirate Lords: Flying Mountain
{40 45} 5th Isle of the Pirate Lords: The Iceberg


Over the hills and through the valleys and behind the grand waterfall lies the Kingdom of Juargan. The king, Juargan, runs the profitable Dra-Korrin mines. The dwarven workers he has under his control mine out tons of valuable rocks for his majesty every day. But watch out for the horrible Duergar, the outcast dwarves.
Looking for Kyoto, the ultimate challenge. Having been there only once as a mortal, I can tell you it's not that easily found. But the treasures are well worth the search. Many interesting items can be found, a special lantern for example, a light source that has more to it than meets the eye. Also for the more thrill seeking adventurer, there is the Shogun to fight, hard to beat but great for experience. Traveling out of Calathar, you must take a general northern direction until you reach hangman. The path to Kyoto lies in one of the many eastern paths, north of Hangman. Many mid-level mortals could and should enjoy the plentiful mob supply. Remember to be cautious, many sneaky ninjas and guards are lurking in the darkness, hidden from sight. It's often the case that there are too many ninjas to handle.... For the hearty and determined mudder, Kyoto will be found and its fruits enjoyed.
One day after leaving the temple in Calathar I stumbled on a six legged, strange looking creature that called himself lag. So, I ventured even farther into this land and ran into more of these creatures! There was a prince, different colors, and even a king. But, the one who was really frightening was a lag calling himself MEAN LAG. So, if you venture in this area please be careful, but most of all watch out for the MEAN LAG.
I was walking around in the Miden'nir the other day when I found a hole in the ground. Well it was new to me so I decided I would go exploring. Almost as soon as I got to the bottom of the whole I discovered a whole civilization of fire newts. There were sergeants and generals, even a priest and a fire newt leader. If your within the levels of 5-15, I would recommend trying to level there. It was very fun there and there was a lot of space to explore. So take my advice and try it out, You won't be disapointed.

Of course you know this idea, about the miserable people. Well, they are all here, being miserable, and generally making your life the same. You can walk around, see the production, visit with the cast members, maybe even join in the show. Of course ever stage has a back stage, and a front stage (called an audience). The audience seems rather sparse for this show, perhaps because someone has been killing the cast. Backstage you will find the usual collection of freaks that radiate from actors. Might as well kill them all.
Wandering far south of the city, I found a pretty mean pack of hidden polar bears (Seems I woke them up from a pretty nice nap), who promptly showed me who ran the place. After finding my way out of there, I went a little ways down and west and stumbled upon a new place called "Little Haven". It's name sounds rather cozy, but once inside the guards, people treated me like I was some foreign intruder or something. I did, however find some pretty useful equipment. Guards carry flaming axes, although they weren't enflamed. And on the queen I found some equipment that made me move faster and stronger. If you're between level 10 and 30, and don't mind a few aggros, Little Haven is THE place to explore.
As I was wandering along the path south of the city, I began exploring. I found a holy place, and continued on. After a little while, I passed a town that had many interesting shops, including one that sold containers. I continued to the west of the town, and found a beautiful lake, which I went around. After a refreshing hike, I came upon a vale, and then a fire pit that contained what looked like the workings of a beautiful silver piece. I continued on, and came to the base of a huge temple. I came upon some guards, and was soon informed that this temple was built by the white lotus clan, and that Buddha was rumored to inhabit here. I also found that nearly everyone was welcome here, whether they were the least or most powerful mortals around. I was soon to find out that this was not entirely true, as many of the higher ranking people here began to look me over very suspiciously before deciding I was simply going to be too much of a problem to get rid of easily. I began wandering through the temple gardens, and soon came upon a rather secretive gathering of some tough looking members of a deadly clan. I hastily beat a retreat, and entered the front doors to the temple. I was instantly amazed at the sheer size of the temple, which I had not really got a clear picture of from outside. I began to investigate, and soon ran into trouble. I had found some teachers of the ways of fighting, and they were not happy to see me. After a little bit, I showed them who was boss, and found that several had valuable lessons to share. One showed me the way to protect myself from damage by concentrating on a particular style. I wandered around a little longer, and soon found the chief of the white lotus. He was not at all pleased to find me in his temple, and I was forced into a grueling duel. I finally escaped, and returned to the first floor. I continued looking around, passing many meditating monks and teachers. After winding around the corridors, I came upon a stairway leading down. I went down it, and soon realized that I was in for more than I had bargained for. An attendant was standing there, and waved me in. He told me that this was the training area for the students seeking the path to enlightenment, and many trials were ahead of me. He also told me that no mortal had ever survived all of the trials, but to make it past the 36 teachers and masters of the arts, would lead me to Buddha himself, and my enlightenment. I set upon the path, and was transported onto a journey with no turning back, that everyone must take for themselves. What did I learn? I learned that everyone must test their own skills here, and figure out just how far down the path they can go. Well, good luck, and be careful on your journey.

A strange tale you should hear, there is a story told about a city of minotaurs called Mahn-Tor, after I heard the tale I had to seek this place out, after many days looking I found a way up from the Frozen Wastelands, as I went up I found a gate to go into the I walked around it seemed strange all the shops in the city was deserted and the fountain had turned to ice so I roamed all around the city till I came to a guard in front of a keep, after dispatching the guard and getting his key I slowly ventured in being very careful guards were everywhere and they were warriors magi and cleric and a lot of rooms, after looking around I found a secret passage and found the chambers of the king Mahn-Tor himself, venturing in I found the harem girls and the butler and then I stood before the king, he was not easy to kill but the battle was worth warned be careful here....

Far to the east lies the gleaming town of Malacandra, Sister City to Perelandra. The druids are rightfully proud of the city they founded, as it represents the last outpost before the Great Eastern Desert. Malacandra contains all the usual shops and guilds one would expect to find in a town of its size, including a blacksmith, an identification shop, a bar, a bank and a temple, complete with a guardian and healer. Malacandra is not without its secrets. Somewhere in the southern part of town there are rumored to be those who trade in special, magical goods, particularly attractive to the druids and their elven cousins. The Kender Guildmaster in Malacandra is reputed to be extraordinarily good at his trade, and if one is worthy, there may be a way to procure a powder useful to those of the same race for weakening or destroying their foes by stealth. And, of course, rumors persist of a secret passage through the rat-infested sewers, which supposedly leads to Perelandra...although the hazards of crawling through the sewer are enough to deter many stalwart adventurers. Years ago, there was a small, insignificant town just to the north of Malacandra. However, stray magical energies have mutated the town over the years, so that the inhabitants are now very strange indeed. If you choose to explore MTV Land, no one in Malacandra will try to stop you...although they might question your sanity...All in all, Malacandra makes a pleasant and respectable place to visit. The Cityguards are unfailingly polite, provided you don't try to commit any crimes in front of them. The inhabitants are both knowledgeable and peaceful. They say that some day in the near future, it will be possible to get to Malacandra's southern gate by way of the river...but for now, it's a long walk from Calathar. Nevertheless, the journey is worthwhile and highly recommended.(paid for by the Malacandran Tourist Commission)
One day I was exploring north of Calathar when I came upon a elven town. The city was called Malathar. As I strolled along the path towards the city I noticed I nice herb shop. After a few minutes there I continued on my way to the city square. As I moved into the town I noticed many strong elven warriors. I came to a tower and decided to climb it, all of a sudden I was being attacked by angry griffins. it was a tough fight, as I exited the tower I saw a note I hadn't noticed before. It said beware of griffins. At this point I was pondering to myself how I could miss a note this important. I saw the guardian of  Malathar there, a strong warrior. I continued along the path until I came to another tower, being a little more cautious this time I went up and found Captain Allertathala. Luckily he wasn't mean like the griffins. If you decide to venture to Malathar take a buddy for the griffins will give you no mercy.

Goblinic for "Green Blood", the Miden'nir is home to a variety of goblins and their kin. In this dark forest, wyverns fly about, creating carnage, and a dark horseman rides a lonely trail, hoping to escape the law which hunts him down for the crimes he has commited. A lonely innkeeper minds his inn by day and watches for goblins at night. A small boy, the only survivor of a party destroyed by the terrible creatures of the Miden'nir lies alone in wait of a saviour.

Was that your demise, or was that just another mirage? Guess you will have to kill it to find out. The tower is a place where nothing is as it seems, and everything is real. Outside you must beware the Statue of Davin, keeper of the sword, and inside, you must beware your sanity. Each level is protected by a powerful guardian, and the fun/insanity will only increase as you rise into the Mirage.
A mine town to the north of Calathar, this town has recently been plagued by goblins in the mines. I had heard of this town's problems and had decided I was going to try and help them, but when I got there I discovered a fire burning in town. The refinery was going up in flames! I couldn't believe it. Immediately, I hopped in without being asked and tried to put out the fire, but the heat was too much and I had to fall back before it. I decided to let them fight the fire while I would go and clear out the mines. Boy was I wrong. Goblins and hobgoblins wherever you looked. I was amazed at the amount of forces that were being sent up against these townsfolk. Why don't you go on up and take a look. Maybe you'll be able to take out the fire or help defeat the goblins. Who knows what will and won't work?

North of the well traversed eastern road lies the tunnels of Moria. The winding passages are laced with orcs, kobolds, and humans alike. The aggros wandering the area supply a true challenge for the low-level mortals (5-15). If manage to find your way to the secret passage, someone has a nice pair of gloves you might be interested in. Word to the wise, though: Never eat moldy food!

Ahh, the home of the golden citadel which houses the Golden Dragon. Many useful things can be found at this town. West and North of town, I was suprised no one was there trying to prove there strength against the dragons or his knights. I saw many guards and many many servants of the dragon while I was there. I found many useful items there, the golden dragon orb and the holy avenger among them. This is a terrific place to fight because there are mobs aplenty. I found shops that were unused: a blacksmith, a leather shop and MANY others. So why don't you spend a little time and explore New Ofcol?

Welcome to Ofcol, city of rednecks. Granny Jenkins brews 200 proof in the shed out back, and the people share their houses with the animals (and lice). The children running around make good targets for lower levels, considering the adults ignore them. Diana stands in the middle of the town clad in heavy platinum armor. East along Raff way is the Citadel of the Golden Dragon. Invisible dragonknights roam the halls, protecting their master, and the Dragonlords feast in their hall. At the top is the Golden Dragon himself, holding the gold dragon orb, a powerful healing artifact. Beware of those around him, though, for they will all assist him in a fight to their death, and having 3 or 4 dragonknights jump in a fight all at once will kill even a high level player.
Ok all thee of level 15-25, when you reach the colossal tree on your way to Lag Central instead of going north, I recommend you go southwest to a Underused area of BR, the Old Marsh. It is a land of many creatures, trolls, gnolls, giants, and even an old hag. There's much equipment and experience to find there. As well as potions that will help you regenerate like the trolls who possess them. Don't be too carefree in this all too dangerous land. There are great hairy beasts that lurk there, who will attack you when most can't even see you. So if you are like me and get tired of the monotony of lag, explore the old marsh. There is much more to be discovered, and you won't die too much =)

Ahh, Thalos the way it was before the lamias went mad and started killing everything they saw. Back when Thalos was filled with citizens and when the walls were full and in good condition. Known as the city of peace, it is extremely peaceful here and I thought it would be fun. Boy was it! My first day there I ran into a bard and listened to him sing for hours before he finally tired and went to bed. I walked around a little more and found some masseuses. After this I decided I had spent enough time there and went home to sleep. I was never able to find the place again.

The mountain of gods, the home of Zeus and Hera, Athena and Apollo. Where gods come to visit and talk such as Ra and Odin. The power these beings give off is truly amazing. It is the strength and power of their auras was as blinding. Zeus and his thunderbolt, Athena and her necklace, Ra and his sword are some of the most powerful items in the world. Even ivory staff s and ambrosia s can be found here if you know where to look. Don't forget, the gods don't show themselves to just anybody. You must know what you'e doing before you do it.

Perelandra is the famed sister-city of Malacandra. Within Perelandra are many shops, famous among travellers in the Realms, and the famous healer, Crodo, who generously offers his healing abilities to travellers who are resting on their way through the town to the lands beyond to the south, including Olympus, the home of the Greek Gods, and Alandra, the cursed town.
The thread is attacking the town! Only the dragon knights and possibly you can save the town! Do you have what it takes? Are you strong enough, smart enough, quick enough to help the town and destroy the thread? Why not take your chance by going to Pern and finding out for yourself. It's north of town hidden in the forest. Go on up and help out the dragon knights by killing the thread. Be aware, though, that you might be killed if you try and find your not powerful enough.
Ahh, home of many little animals. Whole families of rabbits and even Aruncus the druid. There is even a hermit who lives here. This is the place where many cities build their foundations on because it is such a peaceful place in most cases. Malathar is near there. So are Whytl, Morbia, and Twilight. Why don't you head on up and see what you can find there that I missed. I'm sure there are many things. Have fun while doing it. Oh yes, I forgot to mention one of the most important things of the north. The hangman is located there. So I'm sure you've all been there or past there at least once. Why not go again and stay awhile?
Knock 'em down, rack 'em up. I'm sure most people who have gone into the bar has seen this area. That's right it's the pool table. Now from the name I'm sure most people can figure out what it's like and your right. It looks like a pool table. But it's bigger than an average one would be. With mobs that could kill even the heartiest of adventurers if they aren't careful. Many lower level useful items can be found if you look closely. Like a pool cue of death and some cue chalk. Be careful though. Once you've entered the pool table there is no exit or is there?
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