in the land of the Wice

Awoken by a loud rapping at the door, Dunbarth slowly rose from his chair and his slumber and began the twenty foot trek to the door. Mumbling and swearing something about door to door salesman, he swung the door open wide with a mix of sleep and rage in his eyes.

"What the h..." Dunbarth composed himself, and sighed. "Bah, what do you want Uth? I was sleeping peacefully and you bring your peppy little elf butt over to my place knocking on my door."

Uthar laughed at his old friend and stepped inside. "Always the friendly, welcoming type ain't ya Dun?"

Dunbarth snorted and plopped back into his chair. "So what can I do ya for old pal?"

Uthar's jovial grin turned solemn and Dunbarth sat up a little at the change in his friend's demeanor. "Serious troubles Dun, and you're the only one left with the will and drive left to make things right," Uthar paused, "Ironic as that seems based on your open-armed greeting," the old elf smirked.

"Bah, take your shots later old man, what is the problem?" asked Dunbarth.

"Well, Dun, you see, the people of the land of Wice have been driven out of their homeland and away from their farms by arsonists. Someone has been burning their homes and their crops, I fear many shall starve, even you are in danger!"

"Heavens no!!" exclaimed Dunbarth, leaping from his chair. "Those Po Fried Wice! They make the best food in all of the realms!!"

Uthar nodded solemnly towards Dunbarth. "Yes, they have fled to live with their brothers the White Wice. But some evil has stolen the Golden Egg Roll and it is up to you to recover it!"

"Ummm, Uth? Why don't you just do it? You're the immortal after all," Dunbarth said as he peered quizzically at the elf.

"Yeah, well I would, but, uh, Kiri's sorta forced me to take a vacation," Uthar blushed.

Dunbarth rolls his eyes. "Fine, for my liege and lord the great Egge Fooyung, I will save the Wice from the evil that torments them!"

Uthar hugged Dunbarth and turned to leave, "Oh one more thing Dun, Kiri gave me this charm she created to give to you. I don't know what it does and she didn't tell me. She only said for you to use it only if you thought all hope was lost and the people of Wice would perish."

Dunbarth took the small token and nodded towards Uthar. "Thank you good friend, and enjoy your vacation."

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