in the land of the Wice

The next day Dunbarth packed up some small belongings and began his trek to the land of Wice. Not many people had actually heard of Wice's existence in the Barren Realms before because it was somewhat hidden. Uthar and he had always been great fans of their delicacies and even visited a few times. Not many people dared to cross the triple river that blocked the way. The rivers crisscrossed, and you had to be careful in what order you crossed them, or the monsters that lived within would swallow you whole.

Upon arriving at the rivers, Dunbarth rested and ate a little before crossing.

"Now then, what's the order again..." he said to himself. "Ahh yes, first the River of Sweetness." He lept effortless across the first river. "Now then I'm pretty sure the next one is the Sour River…yeah definitely." Dunbarth easily crossed the second river as well. "And that leaves only the River of Soy!" he cried as he jumped to the far bank. But as he landed his back foot slipped into the river a little.

"Bah, now I'm gonna stink this whole trip, dumb old River of Soy was always a little too wide for me."

Mumbling to himself about his new found stench, Dunbarth continued the journey to Wice.

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