Escher's Hand with Reflecting Sphere
My earliest remembrance is of floating, dreamlike, through a cold and lightless Void. How long I was there, I cannot say. Perhaps the briefest of moments, perhaps an eternity, for time had no meaning in that place.

Then came the binding! Suddenly my consciousness was snatched from the ether, and became wrapped in a cocoon of flesh and bone, and a searing light nearly blinded my new eyes, for it was the first time I saw anything. I was born into a strange world called the Barren Realms by those who inhabit it, in the form of a native creature known as "elf".

Gradually I adjusted to my new surroundings, and gradually I became aware of an alien intelligence that had near complete control over my every action. At times I was myself, but during these times I was returned to the formless ether of my birth, but again and again I was torn forth to inhabit the elven body my alien controller called "Vain".

Our deeds were great, the power of our duality unparalleled throughout the Realms. We gradually grew in strength and power, defeating this enemy and that, ever growing and evolving. I learned the use of mighty magics that could carry me instantaneously from place to place, or rip a foe asunder in a fiery flash. It was around this same time I began to find more creatures like myself, Barren natives linked to outside controllers, the True Spirits who truly control the happenings of our world. I came to know Heroes, who have passed beyond the mortal plane, and exist to help fellow True Spirits in their never-ending questing. I came to know Immortals, Gods, and Goddesses, who in their infinite wisdom created the Realms, and who too, existed by the same strange symbiosis as myself.

Finally, at long last, I too reached the exalted rank of Hero, passing from the mortal coil, and discovering all new regions of our world, reserved for our use only. I was introduced to strange concepts, which my True Spirit controller took for granted, having never imparted the knowledge upon me. I learned to manipulate entire regions of our world, based upon the approval of the Immortals. One such region, know as Lag Central, was assigned to me to be changed from its original configuration. To this day, the new Lag Central stands as testimony to the skills I acquired, and the power I wielded over the Realms.

Eventually, I too, was invited to join the brotherhood of the Immortals, forever etching my place into the annals of our shared world. So my ultimate destiny had been met. The co-joining of Realms elf, with True Spirit controller, with myself as the link betwixt the two. From mortal, to Hero, to Immortal. We passed all the trials and tribulations of the Realms, from being in the world, to being of the world. Perhaps those of you reading these words will someday become aware of the True Spirits, and allow them to raise you up and shape the world through you, to increase your power and strength, the become Hero, and perhaps, maybe even one day to join us in the ranks of immortality.

I am Vain. We are Vain. This is our story.


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Story by LordZombie
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