uthar1.jpg (39865 bytes)

aura1.jpg (55410 bytes)"Where did I put that wand?", Uthar thought frantically to himself. "I remember I had it when I removed the curse on that Tadpole of a student, but what happened to it after that??? Ok, I must think about this logically, I can't panic just because my life depends on that wand. Now, where did I use it last?"

"I had the wand with that curse business, but after that...I remember hearing a knock at the door...but when I opened it there was no one there, except for a solitary crow. 'Nevermore' I believe it called itself.

glorygld.jpg (43192 bytes)"Lets see, after that I went back to the kitchen, but on the way I noticed the fire was out...so I took my wand and cast a few fireballs to warm up the place. Then there was the stew. Made some delicious kender soup, with just a touch of ginger root. But then I noticed it was getting cold again so I went to put some wood on the fire.. That done I looked around for some matches, but couldn't find them so I...doh!!! How could I be so dumb! I used the wand to light the fire, but forgot to remove it! My precious wand! The source of all my powers! Burnt to a crisp! Now how will I survive? What use is an elf without magic powers. I'm sure no good as a fighter! Oh me, oh my. What am I to do?"

The future healer then did a most uncharacteristic thing, he broke down and cried. He wept for himself in a great wave of self-pity. He wept because his wand was gone and with it his power. He no longer had a purpose in life. He had been a healer and remover of evil spells, yet it wasn't he that did it, it was the wand. That little piece of wood which he had used to start his fire!!!

077drag.jpg (16495 bytes) Uthar cried for days and days but eventually his eyes dried up and all that was left was a dried husk of his former self. It was then that the power which rules all the universe decided that Uthar had suffered enough. He knew the meaning of life, that each of us is powerless and empty without our little magic items. With that knowledge, Uthar became immortal, the latest one to realize the futility of existence.

The immortal Uthar

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