It was a time of chaos in the land known as the Barren Realms, a time where only the strong survived. One such survivor was a young thief named Soleil, She was a beautiful young woman with sparkling blue eyes and mane of thick brown hair. She was a thief of great skill that many of the rich and powerful inhabitants of the realms utilized to recover lost or stolen items, and the occasional theft of something from a powerful mage or warrior. It was on one such mission for a Lord that her luck ran out. She was sent to supposedly recover a powerful artifact from a young immortal named Marc. Needless to say stealing from someone of such great power is an almost impossible task. But as skilled as she was she almost pulled it off. But as Soleil was leaving thinking her job complete she found her way blocked by possibly the most handsome man she had ever seen. He stood before and asked a single simple question, "Why do you steal from me?" to this she had no good answer. Marc took Soleil! 

               ill prisoner for 10 years so that she might amend the wrongs she had commited in her past. Over the years Marc and Soleil came to love each other. So at the end of her encarceration she choose to stay with Marc for all eternity, for amending her ways and righting the wrongs of her past she ascended into godhood and Soleil and Marc have been toghether ever since. 


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