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Slinky's Story

by Wynd

BORED. That was the word echoing through the realm in this age. Sure we could go and slaughter mobs.....but then what? Everything gets boring eventually.
And so it started, as with so much in life, with a noble goal. Find something to do. Seemed easy enough. Alas, it was not to be.
Many hundreds of years passed, along with various attempts to relieve the boredom. Sports came and went, vast tournaments of skill and strength. None lasted.
As will always happen in a stagnant society, the citizens began to sink to violence. Random acts becoming more common, people killing each other, not for money, not for prestige but simply to put a dot on the endless line of boredom.
And so it came to pass that a man, a humble toy maker, stumbled upon an idea. It was a simple thing, the best ideas usually are, an old spring had come loose form its place. An old spring, so old that it had become misshapen and saggy. Falling from its proper place in the toy maker's store the spring stretched, but did not contract as it should. Rather than fall it slid down, one end touching the floor before the other even moved.
It rolled then closer and closer to the stairway in the house, the man could only stare in amazement as the spring fell over the first step and seemed almost to walk down the stairs.
Overnight a new industry was born, swords and daggers were melted down to form these slack springs. Laughter was once more heard in the realm and the word spread.
So sudden a change in the mood of the realm brought the attention of Kiri and she saw what the man had wrought.
Snapping her fingers she instantly created a spring for herself. In that instance she was captivated, stopping time itself simply to play with the wondrous creation.
Inevitably, however, her power began to work upon the spring and it began to glow faintly. The glowing grew brighter and a voice spoke in her mind.

She nodded then and smiled at the spring. "Yes, I understand. But what shall we call you?"

"Slinky? As good a name as any. So be it."

From that day forth the springs were known as slinkys. An Slinky himself watched over them and was pleased at the joy they brought. To this day the slinkys remain. And Slinky still watches.

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