Is Slartibartfast, Magrathean Fjord Builder, really the same person as Slart, the Barren Realms Immortal? You decide...

Slart's Story

By Race

Barren Realms was not always an all-around great MUD. It was once selfish and full of greed. The story of how Barren came to real life starts with a little dwarf boy. Wherever this boy went, nothing could ever get in his way. He was special, guarded by a white aura and a disintegrating shield. They made it extremely difficult for mobs to even hurt him. This advantage allowed him to zoom to herodom with ease.

He then became interested in fun and games. He was known as the relaxed hero who had no time for work. He was especially interested in Connect 4 and blew everyone away with his tactful moves and shiny medals. The gods favored him and wished to make him an immortal. Nonetheless, the hero would have to do something for the realm and not just for the community.

One day our hero went for a walk around Barren Realms. He walked all around Barren's perimeter, glancing around at its beauty. But what he did not know was that his disintegrating shield was leaving an enormous trail of desolation behind him. Luckily his walk was around the realm and he had created a great fjord! He noticed this and the Gods saw what he had done. The hero had made a fjord stretching all around Barren creating an ultimate defense against the evil that lurked around the realm.

Our hero was then made an immortal in honor of his work. And he was known as Slart the immortal.

Slart shared his fun and games with everyone. He shared his sense of fun and happiness and taught his followers his Connect 4 strategies. And because of this young dwarf boy, Barren Realms became a better place...

Connect 4 isn't the only game Slart excels at! He's a rocking good table tennis player as well.
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Slartibartfast photo courtesy of The Unofficial Guide to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
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