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Story by Elrod
The Story of Simple
- - - written by Elrod

In the year of Pain on the 26th day of Sorrow a son was born to Kiri and Oakley in a place called Candyland, the next 18 years went by quick and on his birthday Simple decided to go out and seek his fame and fortune.

His first stop would be Calathar where he met several people who trained him in various fighting and magical styles, armed with what he had learned he set out going from town to town righting the wrongs and helping the helpless from all the different he traveled his reputation grew as did his experince, till one day after a great battle with King Kandy he attained the rank of hero...As a hero he excelled even further bringing honor and glory to the hero ranks, everone who came in contact with him liked and respected him...when he was not fighting to protect towns he would dedicate his time in teaching others and helping the new people who had come to the realms...After one of his biggest battles, while he was recovering at hero recall, Kiri came down in a great ball of white light saying " Simple you have done well, to reward you I would like you to join the Immortals where you can continue your great work ".

To this day Simple remains a Immortal helping others in the never ending quest to rid the realms of evil.