"I don't have a distinctive voice.  At least, not a distinctive voice like anyone else's...."

The story of Scavenger
Most of the records of this tale have been lost to the ravages of
time, but what little is known i shall commit to these pages.
    It was a time of war, not a war between mortals, but a war between
An ugly war, with ugly magics flowing and searing the very air.
Invisible bolts thrown from and to unrecorded foes being
deflected to strike upon the fragile realm.
    For our gods it was a time of rejoicing, for the realm survived,
meaning that we were victorious. The enemy however were
not so fortuitous. Their realm lay in tatters. The very fabric of its
reality shredded and battered almost beyond recognition. This,
however, is nothing compared to the loss of the immortals. The very
Universe shook at their deaths. The unkillable had been
killed. The immortal, suddenly no longer immortal.
    And yet in every war there is plunder. However Immortals have little
use for plunder, creating whatever they desire out of
pure thought. And so all the treasures of the strange realm lay where
they fell. Their energies still radiating forth in waves of
incandescent power.
    And so it came to pass that the mortals of the land learned of this
tale and a young thief dreamed of the riches that lay so far
from reach.
    For years he did study , straining to understand the mysteries of
traveling without moving. The higher magics of teleportation.
He never met with success. Or at least not success in the manner he had
    Such was the force of the war between the gods that the scars in
reality had failed to heal. It was through one such tear that
the young student fell while reciting an old scroll said to hold magical
properties. Into limbo he tumbled. Outside time and
outside reality. Falling deeper and deeper into the swirling colours of
the mist, and yet not falling. for there was no 'down' to fall
to. Slowly shapes began to coalesce around him, vague outlines of
buildings in ruins, corpses from in death lay in the hazy
    The images came slowly into focus and the thief looked around at the
scene. The town was in ruins, but very solid ruins non
the less. What was startling was the black 'shapes' that hung in the air
and lay on the ground. These tears in reality were what
had brought him here but to be able to see them was something else
entirely. Inwardly he shuddered. How could he summon
the courage to step through these unlikely portals. Where would they
lead him ? Perhaps onto greater dangers , perhaps they
would simply tear him apart like a rag doll. Putting the thoughts from
his mind he looked around at the glowing corpses.
    Being a thief by trade his eyes were immediately drawn to the
jewelry worn on the bodies of the dead. Such was the beauty
of the jewels that for many years all that the thief had done was to
gather these artifacts unto himself. All thoughts of humanity
banished when he was forced to eat the flesh from the strange corpses
that did not rot.
    This is said to be the element of the tale that transformed the
young thief. Though perhaps it was simply the proximity of the
wild magics, or simply the travel through the limbo. None can say for
certain. That is to say none mortal. The gods then did
notice the warmth of life once more in the alien realm and moved at once
to extinguish it.
    Appearing to the man prepared to strike down upon him and rend his
flesh they stopped, taken aback as he prostrated
himself before them.
    'Why do you do this man ?' one asked.
    'Should a man not worship his gods ?' he replied.
    Looking closer they did see that beyond the strange powers flowing
from the jewels the man wore there was still one of their
    The gods sat then and told the man what had become of him.
    'Perhaps we were at fault. In not destroying this realm utterly we
left it open to exactly this kind of misuse'
    'Indeed' answered another ' But what now must we do ?'
    So they bade the man remove all of the artifacts and destroyed them
singly and totally. Yet still the power flowed from the
    'He has been tainted by their powers'
    'I do not believe so. The power is not like theirs, neither is it
like ours. It appears to be unique.'
    After some conference the gods reached a decision.Turning to the
shaking man the spoke.
    'You have been changed by your actions, for good or ill. Wouldst
thou have us remove your power or accept you into our
ranks ?'
    Stunned the man could only nod. To be among the gods. To BE a god.
What else could he do ?
    'Then it shall be so. Come brother, join us.'
    'Brother ? My name is......' But he could not recall. It had been
lost to the limbo and time itself had erased it from his mind.
    The gods chuckled then. 'Fret not young immortal. For we have
anticipated this. By your actions shall you be named.'
    'What then is to be my name ? Thief ? Medler ?'
    'Nay brother. We shall call you as your actions dictate. You shall
be know as 'Scavenger'.
    And so the new power came to the realm. It grew and flourished as he
learned control and lost the urge for material needs.
Wrought from the ashes of the broken battleground was Scavenger. And the
realm was bettered by his presence.

Personal info about Scavenger
Scavenger works for CORE Digital Communication Services (The server Realms runs off of) and he is a
Contributional coder for the realms. He is also a part time student at the University of Wisconsin
- Stevens Point.

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