The Story of Salome

Years and years ago, when earth's humans knew nothing of the
alternate world full of magic and sorcery, there lived a young dwarf
whose breathtaking beauty angered the goddess of all that is good and
evil.  When she was but seventeen years of age, an old beggar arrived
at the doorstep of the her home. The beggar pleaded with the
young dwarf's parents to cast their daughter out of their house
before death and destruction dawned on their town. Believing that
the old beggar woman spoke the truth, the young dwarf was thrown
from her home carrying nothing but an old war banner, a padded vest,
a small wooden shield, and a wooden mace.

She wandered for months before she came to a town called Calathar.
The townspeople were friendly folk and without a question asked,
they directed her towards the Barren Realms Academy. There she
met a heroine named Passion who gave her a sack filled with pot pies and a
water skin. Directed by the friendly heroine she met her personal trainer who
she taught her how to enhance her strength, constitution, and dexterity in a
very short amount of time. From there she was sent to the Training Courtyard
where she was able to practice her fighting skills. After defeating the Academy
Master and attaining her diploma, she was ready for the real world.

Battle upon battle, victory upon victory, the little dwarf
gained strength, wisdom, and most importantly, the respect of warriors, healers,
and gods alike.  With her new found respect, the little dwarf (who wasn't so little
anymore) took on the greatest task of all.  Climbing a very large tower, she came
across a majestic king who enjoyed putting people through hell. With one swipe of
her sword, the dwarf cleanly disarmed the king's sword (which was made entirely
of sugar I might add) and beheaded him.

No sooner had the head of the not-so-majestic king touched the floor, when
thousands of rose petals filled the room in which the dwarf had been standing
making it impossible for her to see. After a moment, the petals cleared and standing
before the dwarf was Kiri, goddess of all that was good and evil. She spoke, her
voice as soft as a petal falling to earth.

"You have proved yourself worthy many times over."  and with that the dwarf was
swept away in a cone of winds to a room where all the immortals surrounded her,
making her feel small and indifferent.

"From now on you shall be called Salome and you shall live amongst the gods
for you have earned your place as immortal in Barren Realms." and with that,
the dwarf who began as an outcast girl, became a powerful immortal who took
pride in serving her world.

The End


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