Roshi hails from the fabled "Yoshi's Island", a small isle in DinosaurLand in another realm far far away. Famous for his exploits with the hero, Mario, Roshi was the first to ever achieve a special new word from their complex spoken language that previously consisted of just one word. Roshi was walking along one day, after dealing another humiliating defeat to the notorious King Bowser Koopa, when he heard a faint voice calling him coming from the distant mountains.
          Using his unbelievable jumping abilities, he quickly covered the distance to arrive at the source of the summons. Before him stood the image of this beautiful and powerful woman holding her arm out to Roshi in a gesture of invitation.
          "Wise and powerful you are Roshi.", says the image, "You have served your lands well, but now I need your aid for my lands. My lands, far far away, are in need of the loyal and faithful service that you have shown yourself capable of. The risks are high and the dangers great, should you feel up to the challenge I present to you, grab my hand, and let new wonders be revealed to you!"
          For the gallant and brave Roshi, this new challenge interested him beyond measure. Without fear, he grasped the hand of the vision, and was swept upwards into space, hurtling through the chaos that surrounds order to eventually arrive in the lands that the locals called "Barren Realms". Barren was not an apt word, as the lands were full of life and vibrancy. Roshi inspected himself and found that his outwards appearance had been changed to that of a small roguish being with a propensity for stealing. The lady was before him now, in the flesh, no longer an apparition. 
          "Your new form is so that you will be able to walk among the locals without arousing suspicion. Go forth now and protect all I hold dear, and know that my thanks go with you, brave and loyal soul."
          Roshi then departed, never knowing the name of the Lady, but devoutlyintent not to fail in his mission. He proceeded to explore the realms adjusting to their ways and learning the lay of the land. True to his nature, it wasn't long till he was renowned throughout the land as a Hero of the realms. Everywhere he went, he was loved and respected by the people. Those who failed to follow the laws of the land were dealt with mercifully butfirmly. The realms was a safer place under the watchful eye of their new hero.
          While his form may have been changed, his ability to nearly digest anything still remained with Roshi. He had seemed to develop a fondness for the beverage that the locals had named "soda". It was during a day of lounging when Roshi was enjoying his favorite beverage, that he quickly got to his feet at the sight of the mysterious Lady approaching him. Feeling awe in her presence as he finally understood who SHE was, he fell to his knees in reverence.
          "Rise faithful Roshi" the Lady spoke in loving but commanding tones. "You have served the realms, and thus me, well. I offer you as reward the opportunity to return to your homelands." This offer struck Roshi to the heart, as the realms had become dear to him during his time here, he was loathe to leave. After what seemed like an eternity of indecision, Roshi spoke. 
         "My lady, while I would love to run free in my homelands as I have before, my place is here and would remain if it please you."The lady smiled and looked knowingly at Roshi and replied 
         "Well spoken and well chosen. From hereafter, know that you no longer will be a hero of the land, but will serve it in a far greater capacity." Saying this, the Lady bent down and touched his head, instilling in Roshi the secrets of the land that no mere mortal could
ever hope to comprehend. His body felt like it was being torn apart, barely able to contain the energies that was surging through him. When all had subsided, Roshi rose, bowed before the Lady and went again into the realms with greater power and knowledge, but always the same undying love for the realms that he now called home. 


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