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You stand at the edge of a small, crystal clear lake in a valley surrounded by great mountains. Tall evergreens surround you, nearly blocking out your view of the cloudless sky. The lake itself is cold, fresh, and tinged slightly blue, runoff from mountain glaciers. A brisk mountain breeze blows through your hair, bringing with it the fresh smell of earth and spruce trees. The sound of birds floats through the air, complementing the quiet whisper of the trees. You feel like you could stay here forever...

As you are contemplating the beauty of the valley, you suddenly hear wings flapping behind you. Slowly, you turn to meet the owner of this idyllic vale. A colossal warbird stares back at you first through one eye and then the other. His steel feathers rustle slightly in the breeze with a sound like crystal windchimes. Massive talons grip the ground securely as he studies you carefully. After a moment he relaxes, and you somehow receive a feeling of warm approval.

He surprises you by speaking:
"Welcome to my domain. You'll have to excuse my rudeness. It's been so long since I had a guest that I'm afraid my manners have deserted me. If you'll follow me, I have much to show you."

He begins to walk toward a large cavern in the side of a nearby hill, leaving you with little choice but to follow...

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