Rabies' Story

One day, a man fell from the sky...and landed in a backyard. The bad part was, there were rabid dogs there. The man was taken to a hospital, and they tried to help him, but they couldn't. He was on life support until one day, he grew a beak. The doctors thought this was very strange, and that it might be from all the stuff they put in him mixed with the rabies. The next day, he had wings. The doctors realized, he was turning into a bird! They decided to let him go into the wild, hoping that no one would find out what they created. Slowly, the man was transformed into a war bird. The other animals called him Rabies because that's why he turned into a bird. After a while, everyone called him Rabies. So one day, Rabies was flying around the hospital where he had came from. He snuck behind the hospital and found a secret laboratory. One of his wings hit a beaker with a very strange liquid in it. He started going crazy, knocking over everything because of the pain he was in. The doctors found him and were outraged. They tried to kill him, but they found that he was immortal. Rabies fought off the doctors and ran away to a place called Barren Realms. He kept his immortality secret until one day, when a giant tree fell on top of him. His friends found out that he couldn't die, so he became one of the rulers. The stump of this tree can still be found outside the west gate of Calathar.

Special Thanks to Stonehenge for this story...
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