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A long time ago...in a galaxy far far away...their was a young man by the name of Quiver. Quiver was a sly conniving young man. He was a lowly private in his army in the war taking place on his planet, he decided he would flee from the war and go somewhere unknown....

Upon his arival to the new fiery orange planet, he looks out his side paneland see's strange new life forms. As he exits his ship,one of the new things hops over to him "sdgfll liaheg eeeeeeehg" it says. It then attacks him and he shoots it with his blaster. He remembers his grandfather telling him of a place similar to this. As he begins his journey to start a new life, he enters a tropical forest with beautiful birds and extraordinarily colorfull plants. Quiver then decides he will build his house here in the forrest. After the construction of his new home made of vine and wood, Quiver gets hungry so he goes to look for food. He decides he will not use his blaster to kill his prey, so he makes a nice bow and arrow out of vine and wood. With a swift pull of his bow, he strikes a bird in the tree above him. After he cleans the bird and eats it,he gets brave and decides to go searching some more. He makes his way out of the forest, he then notices a small entrance to a cave. Quiver decides this would be a great place to search around. He goesinto the cave and discovers someone else lives on this planet... and their an intelligent life form. He then decides to investigate the persons home. He then comes to another part of the cave and notices the person is here sleeping as he walks over to the person, he taps them on the shoulder and says "hello"? As the person turns around, Quiver grabs his blaster for safety..

What happens to Quiver? no one knows....


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Story by: Spudman

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