Long ago, Known only to the very old and very wise there was a tale of a land.
This was supposedly like a faerie tale land. It was supposedly the Promised Land
This was true up until a day when a great army of warriors
came to take this place for themselves and their greed. The army rode in
and destroyed everything in their path and when the battle had been won they
put the survivors to slavery. For years this went on until one day a child
was bourn. The leader of the army chose to spare this Childs life, keep him
and raise him as one of their own. Throughout his childhood he was kept
away from the slavery and knew nothing of the troubles that had preceded his
birth. This boy was very smart and talented. Throughout his childhood he
was taught how to defend himself and fight like a true warrior. He was taught
many different styles of fighting but Samurai was by far his favorite.
He was indeed a very special child and grew up to be a remarkable swordsman.
One day this young man was walking through the camps and talking to the
people who had lived such long and hard lives and he was appalled at
the stories that these men and women had to tell. He could not believe that
the people who raised him could be so mean. He decided he had to see this for
himself before he could believe. Without anyone knowing he set off on an
adventure through the land he called his home to a place that had been
described by the people he had spoken too. After many days and many nights
he could feel the sorrow in the air. He knew then that these people had
been telling the truth. He decided he had to keep going and see just how bad
things were. When he arrived at the slavery camps he was appalled at what
he saw before him. There were men there that had no clothing, only a loincloth
to cover themselves in, the skin on their hands blistered and raw from the
work they were forced to do and for what was obviously so little. They were
highly malnourished. He decided something had to be done.
With his new found knowledge he traveled back to his
home to devise a plan on how to right the wrongs this army had done.
He traveled back to slave yards and spoke with one of the slaves speaking of
freedom. The man was hesitant at first although he recognized this young man, he
knew who he was, he was the son of the slaves. No person bourn from the army
could have such a kind heart, soul and such a friendly look in their eyes. This
had to be the one named Oakley. This man spoke on behalf of Oakley to the slaves,
as he knew that the slaves would not place their trust and lives in the hands of
a man from the army, after all, the people who destroyed the Promised Land had
raised Oakley. He on the other hand didn't know why, but he trusted Oakley.
Oakley and the man had gained the help of all the slaves and even some of
the slave masters. With his new found followers Oakley set off to begin
what was going to be a heinous fight. With his followers behind him he went to
the leaders of the army, the very men who had raised him and spared his
life all these years ago. Oakley told the leaders of the army that they must
leave this land and never return or he and his followers would wipe them
out and rebuild the Promised Land to its former glory. The leaders said that
they would not leave and that if he was prepared to take on the legions of
members that he welcomed the challenge.
Oakley knew then that there was no turning back. He called to his
followers and the battle began. This battle was long and hard and soon it was
down to being only Oakley and the leader of the army left as everyone had
fled for their lives. Oakley drew his sword and began to fight the man that had
raised him. The sword fight went on for many hours and the battle wavered
many times. Finally the leader of the army put his sword through Oakley's
heart. Thinking he would surely die, Oakley took the opportunity to use his sword
and slice off the head of the leader.Oakley was writhing in pain but found the
strength to stagger into the old room that was once his favorite area.
This was where he learned to be a Samurai. He removed all of his blood soaked
clothing and put on a Uniform of the Samurai. What happened next he could not
believe. The pierce mark through his chest healed and he felt like nothing
could hurt him. He had never known this before but he was Immortal. Finding out
the truth and bringing his people to freedom was all that stood in his way.
The Great Gods Merc and Diku came down to Oakley and explained that now that
he had fulfilled his destiny of bringing his people to freedom he had completed
his task and turned into a god. After many hours of Merc and Diku telling him
of all the new things that he could do he realized that he had not brought
his people to freedom as he was the only one left. This saddened him. Merc and
Diku just looked at one another and then at the area around them.

They told Oakley that his people were in hiding from the great fight that had
just occurred and decided that he was in need of being an Imp.
With that Merc and Diku left and Oakley began his work. He knew not where
to start so he decided on building this once Great City back to its former
glory. He created his world and then left on his mission to find his
people. One by One he found them and led them back to his world. He told the
people that this was their world as well and they could do as they pleased in
this area. Oakley created one last thing before he went on his quest of
building more. He created a Guardian to forever watch over the sacred city of Calathar.
Oakley told his people that if ever there were troubles that he would be
near and with that he bid them farewell and disappeared into the world
that from this day forward would be known as Barren Realms

Story written by Cynic, web page made by Darkshade