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Once there was no such race called Kenders in Barren Realms. However a curious young elf, known as Gilderas, learned of the existence of other worlds besides the Realms. Determined to explore these new worlds, Gilderas came up with a plan to transport instantly to one of the new worlds. When he arrived at this new world, he was met by a fierce animal that trampled him to unconsciousness. When he opened his eyes, he saw the face of a strange creature. This was the first encounter between a Kender and a race from the Barren Realms. They fell in love, and with a help from Mota Gildras was transported back to the Realms with his love.

Although not the Kenders of pure blood, the offsprings of this couple brought a new race to the Realms. However we should pay a special attention towards their second child. He was named Marauder. There was one special characteristic the child had, that no other Kender had. It was the ability to use magic at his will. Somehow he had received thea bility to control magic from his father, thus acquiring the best of the both worlds. This special talent intersted Mota as she was looking to find a person that would guide this new race.

Without hesitation Mota summoned Marauder to her, examined the hybrid, measuring his power. His combat skills combined with the power to control magic at will has enhanced his inner strength so greatly that even Mota herself was surprised to find such person. So she invited Marauder to stay with her to train him in her ways, thus a new immortal was born.

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Story by Kazin, Web page by Tonyday.