Lizzie's Story

When this story-teller came to live in the Realms in his first incarnation as an Illithid, Lizzie had already started to fade from the memories of most mortals. There was even some heroes who only had a fade recollection of this Goddess who is one of the Ancient Gods.

This story-teller, who has lived many lives since, has met Lizzie a few times and had a conversation or two about the start of life as we know it in the Realms. That particular story has been told before, particularly in the stories told about Kiri and Oakley, and I will concentrate on what Lizzie told me about the early ages.

The Realms was barely starting to take shape when the Creator Gods needed more than just mortals around them. They knew heroes wouldn't be able to help them do their tasks at that stage. The heroes had another task, that of defending the mortals.

The Creators went looking for helpers and found what we now know as immortals. Most of them did not know they had any special abilities, but some did display odd behaviour every now and then. This also happenend to Lizzie, but fortunately for her, and I guess for people around her, her abilities was that of counselling, which means she took on people troubles and tried to relieve them of it.

Before the Creators found her, she was the healer of a village near where the present Malacandra has been built. Documents, which are now kept in the Barren Realms Library, states that the village had a single healer for many generations until one day she just disappeared and never returned.

It was on that day that the Creator Gods found Lizzie, showed her her real abilities and asked her to take on the duties of Counsellor to the Realms. Lizzie became known as a mother figure to most mortals, at least the ones which weren't on the dark side.

New immortals came along and where the Ancient Gods had big tasks, those were split up into smaller task to make provision for the new gods. The Ancient Gods faded back into a guiding role, seeing that they have done a good job.

It is suspected that Lizzie has found another small village where she poses as their healer and who knows, maybe someday someone will find this village and by chance meet Lizzie.