Leiland :)
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        Born a human child to Roran and Delith Lightheart, near the great city of Calathar, Leiland was hardly worth noticing in the vastly populated Barren Realms. She was small as most human children are with ringlets of brown, almost black hair framing her cherubic face. Her light brown eyes held a hint of emerald and were always smiling.

        At first, there was nothing extraordinary about her, but she was special in that indelible way that all things born of nature are, simple and lovely. Her parents adored her and gave her all the love and attention they could. As soon as she was toddling about, they took her out in the fields to run and play, explore, and indulge her boundless curiosity. Leiland thought the fields were heaven. She loved to go and play chase with all the creatures there. While her mother sat and watched in wonder, her tiny daughter would catch butterfly after butterfly in her hands and hold them, softly murmuring baby talk to them before letting them go. So in love with the small flying insects was she, Leiland’s first coherent word was "bubberfly". Her parents indulged this love for they found it to be harmless and took her to the fields daily so she could frolic and play with her small friends. Little did they know it would one day save their lives.

        It began a day like any other, with the bright shining sunlight streaming in through the window of Leiland's bedroom. She stretched lazily like a tiny kitten and tumbled out of her wee bed. Her little feet made almost no noise as they padded to her parent’s room. Normally there was the smell of eggs cooking or the sounds of hammering coming from her father's forge. Today there was a stillness that made her wonder. She peered curiously into the silent bedroom, no one. She toddled back into the main of the house, towards the kitchen. Still no mommy cooking breakfast. Leiland decided she would go check out in the garden. She stretched up high to reach the doorknob and opened the backdoor. As she wondered around the back garden and then up to the forge, Leiland began to think that something was very wrong. Never before had both mommy and daddy been gone. She decided she should go back inside and wait.

Part Two