In eons past, the Barren Realms were formed when great spirits sent by Eru Illuvatar, the One, shaped the stuff of chaos. Soon the Dwarves were born, deep under one of the world's first mountains, and began to stir and learn to speak. They sought metals within the rocks of their caverns and tunnels, and began to fashion tools. And of their numbers one named Thrain became king. Soon afterwards the Elves began to appear in distant Deloriand, and a leader arose from their midsts, and his name was Thingol. The Humans of the West followed the birth of Elvenkind, and their leader was Bombadil. As the ages passed, the dwarves and the elves slowly evolved a commodious relationship, trading gems for fabulously worked woods, and trading metals for amazingly potent potions and magical items. These two races shared respect and great love, and were firm allies, such that when the Goblinoid races began to push into already inhabited regions, they were easily repelled by sharp dwarven axes and swift elven arrows. These older twin races of goodness were all the more determined to repel the invaders because the new race of Humans in the West had not yet shown their spiritual affinity, and it was uncertain whether or not they would assist or fight against this incursion. The Great Spirit Ulmo kept watch over this new race, but warned of an even greater threat that would come against all three races in the fullness of time. Ages passed, and a great Shadow began to form and take shape in the South. It's malevolent presence could be felt from leagues away, as it trained its poisonous gaze greedily upon the fair lands held by the Three Races. And the immense cunning behind that gaze began to gather and organize the vile races of evil into a force arrayed against the Creatures of Light. Titans and tigermen traveled to the land where the shadow lies, joining forces with wicked gargoyles, hideous serpent creatures, and evil dragons that breathed fire and acid. In the fullness of time, the Shadow of the East's confidence overcame his caution and he arrayed his vast force against the Three Races and war was waged upon the good creatures of the realms. In that war those Great Spirits of Goodness, Manwe, Ulmo, and Tulkas strove mightily against the gathering might of Morgoth, Epitome of Corruption. Ulmo led the Elves across the Seas in great ships shaped as Swans and they landed and joined forces with the myriad Humans, led by Tulkas, who had befriended them because of their strength and laughter. Manwe led the Dwarves (for Illuvatar was still wroth with the Spirit of Earth for his unbidden creation of the Dwarves before their foreordained time) through underground caverns far beneath the Sea, and they emerged to join with their Human and Elven allies. Battle was met on the vast plains southwest of what was later called Ergoth, far inland from Belfalas. The Dwarves and Elves, long associated with one another and understanding of the other's manner of thinking, met at the head of a great gulf, Cirith Ungol. The Humans were marching over a narrow land-bridge, the Strait of Tilion, to join their friends in battling the demonic Balrogs and other vile spawn that Morgoth had arrayed against the three races. Morgoth, in his citadel in the far South, sent forth his power and slew the great Thingol, leader of the Elves, only moments before Bombadil's daughter Lari emerged from hiding within the Dark Lord's inner sanctum and smote him thrice upon his fell face, knocking loose the Silmarils he had stolen from the Elves. His attention thus diverted, he strove fiercesomely with Lari, dealing what should have been a mortal blow with his Hammer of Doom but not before Lari had seriously reduced his stature and power with a series of lightning quick and earthquake strength kicks to the head. Thus did Lari demonstrate the true colors of the Humans in that moment of decision, and those colors fell firmly on the side of Goodness. As the Dark Lord fled wounded, Lari's hideous wound dealt by the Hammer of Doom suddenly shone forth all the myriad colors of the rainbow, and the injury was simply gone - utter, completely gone. The bright multicolored kaleidoscope of light expanded and shot skyward, forming a Rainbow Bridge into the heavens. For a brief moment, Lari saw the face of Thingol standing atop the Bridge beckoning her to join him. Pointing to the far West, he directed Lari's attention to the distant battle. There, Tulkas and the Humans were closing ranks with Ulmo and the Elves and Manwe and the Dwarves, and the Balrogs and lesser minions of Morgoth began to fall back. "Ascend, Immortal Lari," Thingol intoned in a booming, glad voice, "for your actions today have found merit in the all-seeing eyes of Illuvatar the One, and he has chosen to set you above the bounds of this world." Lari ascended, grasped Thingol's hand, and together they winked out in a rainbow wash of color, traveling by unseen forces to unknown places, and seldom seen again by the undefeated Races of Good in the Barren Realms.  
Story created by Eol.
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