The story of Lan
     It was the beginning of things. The real beginning. First
there was nothing. Then there was Kiri.
       Others soon formed out of the mists of her dreams. Oakley, Marc,
Soleil, all beings of pure thought.
       They thought as one being and all knew that creation must not be so
perfect. Diversity brings learning and learning brings new thoughts. New
thoughts were what they sought and so they joined in their efforts and created a garden.
       The garden was Barren. Nothing yet was growing until Kiri raised her
hand and spoke a single word.    "BE"
       Thus the first shoots began to appear, slowly at first but soon
others followed. twisting, spiraling upwards. Some clustering together
helping one another, sharing. Others dwelt apart and soon withered in
their solitude.
        So they grew and continued to grow. Some few among them began to
rise above the others, yet not to smother their neighbors but rather to
show them the way. Upwards and upwards, ever reaching towards the
perfection that had nutured them. Striving towards the harmony that was
forming in the garden.
       Then , after a long and arduous life , one of the shoots began to
flower. Deep blue petals spread to bathe in the glow from the skies.
       Then it was that the perfect beings nodded and raised their hands
towards the flower. "You are worthy. Join  us" they said in unison.
       The flower then rose, casting off its shoots and roots. leaving
behind its mortal life to join the gods in their learnings.
     Where is the garden ? Why, we are in it my child. It is all around
us. It is the entire realm.    Who was the flower ? Then flower was Lan.

Made by Spudman:Barren Realms MUD 1998.