Dwarf - 152


"Welcome to man hood young Kytar. Prepare yourself, for tonight you will learn what its truly like to be a kender. Now kneel." With these words the elder assassin stepped back and observed Kytar slowly getting on his knees, obviously shaking with nervousness. As Kytar bowed his head, the elder assassin silently slipped behind the young kender and pierced Kytar's back with his wickedly gleaming dagger. Screaming Kytar collapsed as the taint on the dagger burned into his flesh. The pain was a joy to him as it marked his ascension into manhood. The scar on his back would forever be a reminder of how vulnerable people are and how foolish it is to ever turn your back on an assassin. Kytar now knew what he must do. Summoning all his strength he managed to reach behind himself and withdraw the dagger. He struggled to stand and thank the elder assassin for this final lesson. He would let the wound heal naturally and it would forever serve as his birthmark to maturity.

The dagger, now permanently stained with Kytar's blood would be his weapon and with it he would vanquish all enemies. Having reached the level of adulthood, Kytar left his family and journeyed into the realms to seek his fortune. He walked for many weeks until he found a forest full of thieves. In this forest Kytar vowed to become the top assassin in the entire realms, he would slay all the other assassins and prove he was the best. The first to fall were the thieves and assassins in the Thieves forest, then he stalked and killed the assassins in Alandra and challenged their master, the Elder Assassin to a duel. To clarify, kenders have a different idea of how to duel. The challenger attempts to sneak behind the challenged and backstab him. If he fails then there is a rebuttal. The first one to die loses. Kytar won in the third round. The elder assassins heart being ripped from his body and falling, still slowly beating at Kytar's feet. Holding the heart aloft, Kytar ascended to immortaldom, having become the mightiest assassin in all of Barren Realms.


Story by AMystery

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