Music, the sound of music can heal all.. Joysinger was one of the musicians.. She helped many of the new order begin their work within the realms, and she was awarded graciously.. Her immortality, which was sought after for many years, she finally obtained. With the first of the fabled supernova swords at her side, she looked over the realms with a keen intrest in it's inhabitants. Her smile, as beautiful as the sounds made of her silver flute, illuminated the room, and enlightened everyone around her with happiness.

Joysinger, the soldier of music, now stands in higher regard for the safety of others within the realm. She is clothed within the essence of music and harmony, and happiness follows her wherever she goes. Her sword slaying any threat to her beloved mortals and heroes, showing that good overpowers any evil.

She plays her beautiful music, spreading happiness and joy throughout the realm. Her beautiful melodies create a calming atmosphere for all to feel, especially her closest comrades. She works side by side with the other immortals of the realm, helping decide the fate of her young ones, who are now forever in debt to her, for introducing them to the realms, and starting them off onto their own journey for immortality and fame.

Story by Blackwing

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