"It was a dark and stormy night, the crying of a baby could be heard from the small house. His parents looked on in joy, they had a son. He was to be called Fuzzman. As soon as he was able to walk, his education began. He was sent to his guild school. There he learned quickly and swiftly became the top of his class, the pride of his teachers and master. After learning everything there was to know about combat and the art of fighting, Fuzzman set out from the guild of Kenderís and into the real world. He swore he would protect all good and avenge all evil. The real world was however far from what he expected, danger lurked behind every corner. Yet he was not distracted from his quest. Later while he was walking through the forest, he heard the screaming of a woman, he quickly ran to her aid. After having slain her aggressors, Fuzzman asked if she was all right. She replied by asking if his name was indeed Fuzzman. Confused he asked her how she knew what his name was, she said that she had had a vision of him. Inquiring more about the vision, he asked what else she saw. She answered by saying that she saw him going to a magnificent city where he was to meet with an enormous army, there he would do good and help protect the realms. She woman said that this was all that she could see and that the rest would have to be written by Fuzzman. So he continued on his journey. A few days later, like the woman had said, he came to the magnificent city. He was expected and soon after a meeting with the head protectors of the realms he was made immortal, his quest to serve and protect, at all costs. "
"--Please give credit to Stomper for wrighting this story..--"
The land of Barren Realms has always been home to the kender known as Fuzzman.His magic and wisdom are felt through out the realms, not a single person is untouched by his presence. You can often feel him watching over the land and its occupants helping when it is needed. Always around the next bend in the road, even the quickest adventurer could never catch him. Swift and watchful is a deadly combination as he is the deadliest of opponents. Known for his stealth, Fuzzman often travelled through the thick forest silently watching over the travellers and protecting them from the many enemies that lurked in the realms. This day was no exception, unweary travellers noisily cluttered through the numerous trails drawing nothing but attention to them. Peeking over a small shrub a smurf spotted three merchants rambling down the well beaten trail just west of Calathar. He was not alone, behind him giggling and chattering stood four other blue creatures all dreaming of filling their pockets with some gold. With a sharp glance from the leader smurf the others fell quiet and slid back into the bushes, poised to attack the travellers. A few moments later all five smurfs charged out of their hiding spots tackling the merchants and dragging them to the ground. The lead smurf produced a small iron blade, stabbing a plump merchant in the back of his leg. The cry of pain made Fuzzman run faster towards the ambush. With dagger drawn he silently flew into the fury, the first smurf didn't know what had hit it. The second smurf quickly followed, its small frame crumpling as it hit the ground. The remaining three opponents charged the swift kender hoping to pin him before he could react. No such luck though, Fuzzman was too quick for the smurfs as he sprung out of their way and drove his glistening dagger into the neck of the nearest one. The merchants began to stir in the background clumsily getting to their feet, intending to aid their rescuer. They would be of no use for sometime but the distraction was enough for Fuzzman to circle around a smurf and drive his dagger into its back. The smurf let out a yelp in surprise before it hit the ground. The final smurf managed to get his blade out of its sheeth in time to parry the oncomming attack. The smurf's skill was surprising, Fuzzman defended against the smurf. Suddenly he lost the grip on his dagger and it flew harmlessly into a a nearby creek, slipping beneath the surface and sinking onto the rounded pebbles that covered the bottom. The smurf slashed several more times but Fuzzman was too quick, dodging every blow. He needed a weapon, badly. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted one of the merchants grasping a large dwarven battle axe. Rolling out of the way of another slice he found himself only a few feet away from the merchant, and the axe. With a single motion the merchant tossed the weapon to Fuzzman, who grabbed it and with a single wild swing ended the final smurf. Thanking the merchant for his help Fuzzman dashed back into the forest retriving his dagger from the creek. It is rumored that to this day Fuzzman is watching from forest, protecting the people of Barren Realms. -Dunbarth
"--Please give credit to Dunbarth for wrighting this story..--"

  Yes, This Is Fuzzman...