Fossil (do you know him?)
People say that Fossil is invisible.
People say that Fossil is never around.
People even say that, Fossil doesn't exist.
Others, believe in Fossil, these people teach what they know of Fossil and help
people to believe in what Fossil is.
For those who are willing, this is the story of Fossils' life and the reason of his life
long absences.
Long ago in the realm, there was a great danger in the realm.
The Dinosaurs... They rampaged cities destroyed towns tore at flesh and crushed the
human civilation to pieces.  The dinosaurs roamed the earth and very few humans
were left.
One day, a supernatural being came to the realm.  It saw the devastation that the
dangerous monsters had made and knew that this problem must be rectified
immediately.  The being created an immortal.  One that was beyond flesh and blood.
He was all ligaments, bones and joints.  He was Fossil!  His purpose, to protect all
humans from great dangers and vanquish the dangerous dinosaurs that recided in the
earth.  Fossil against his own purpose believed that nothing should be a waste.
Instead of killing the creatures he took them to a confined area, his area.  He called it
the official BR museum.  Fossil then stood  up straight and exploded in to thousands
of chunks.  His parts buried deep in millions of miles of rubble.  Now that one of two
of his objectives have been accomplished he is left with but one rule.  Protect all
humans.  Only when someone is in real need of a champion will the parts of Fossil
be revealed and reconnected.  The BR museum is filled with all of Fossils'
experiences and you may visit the museum in perelandra if you wish.  But now in his
dormant stay will he stay until he is needed.  Not power, nor corruption will infect
his life and all of mankind will forever be protected by the force of Fossil...
This is the reason of Fossils' disappearances but do not wish to see him.  For only
evil will recide in the realm when he is near.  We all must thank him for his great
Even now, he awaits in the depths of the realm until he is needed once again.
Thats it.  It makes sense to me but you know me i have a weird sense of anything.
Cya when yer on!

Name: Fossil Race: Druid
Sex: Male Level: 152
E-mail: Plan: No, Thanks I've already had one.
Age: Ask me :>
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