On one fateful day, a young druid girl set foot into the Realms.  Her name was Dove.  She trained herself in the art of healing, and learned to use it well.  Whenever people came to her, begging for healing, she was always willing to help them. 

Dove trained herself in the way of fighting as well, and soon worked her way up to the ranks of hero.  The other heroes welcomed her into their home, and treated her with kindness.  In return, Dove offered many healing spells to all those that came asking for help.  But Dove's kindness did not stop there, even the mortals begged for her help.  Knowing her limits, she always helped the mortals as much as she could.

But then one day, a cruel mortal stepped forward.  He did not like the way the immortals treated him, and swore he would get back at them.  He turned other mortals against the immortals, and persuaded them to attack.  Using all of his knowledge, he forged a sword strong enough to kill even an immortal.  Using his army, he made many of these swords, and passed them around to all the mortals he had gotten to follow him.  As Dove was wandering though the Realms, she saw what this band of mortals was doing, and it horrified her.  She instantly went to the immortals to tell them what was happening, but it was already too late.  A band of soldiers had began their assault on Valance.  With their mighty sword, they slayed many heroes.  The heroes, powerless against the swords were forced to pull back and flee. 

The immortals tried everything they could, but they could not get by the defenses of the mortal's mighty swords.  Just as it looked as if the immortals would be slain, Dove stepped forward.  She tried to divert the mortals attention to her.  All of them charged Dove ready to kill her, but they had made a fatal error.  They turned their backs on the immortals, and they were able to strike them down with a mighty spell.  But before the spell could be cast, one of the swords had already found it's way through Dove.  As she lie there dying, Kiri walked over to her.  She knew the only way to keep Dove alive was to give her the gift of immortality.  Dove had given her life so that the immortals and heroes could live on, and now she had to be rewarded.  Kiri called on her powers, and Dove began to glow a neon blue.  The sword inside of her crumbled, and Dove stood to face Kiri.  For her selfless act for all of Valence Dove was made an immortal. 

The material that was used to make the swords was banished from the Realms, and there was never another attack on Valence.  Dove never held a grudge against any mortal, and ruled over them with forgiveness.

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Story by Thordain Page design and Graphics by Lari