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Long time ago when Avians were still new to this world, an Avian was born.
Unlike the other Avian childrens, he managed to transform into a bird at
a very young age. Then one day, he was being attacked by a drunken human,
when he suddenly flew up towards the sky, then used the most powerful Avian
skill, dive on the human. Only a very few Avians were able to use this skill,
due to its requirement of high level of physique and concentration, only
the eldest members of the Avians used this skill, and even then the they
had to try the skill several times to get it to work.

On the other side of the world, Mota was watching this young Avian's action
closely; she could clearly see the special talent within him. So she
decided to take him in as her apprentice and named him Divebomb. Years of
training went on, but the result was not satisfactory. Divebomb was not
able to master the powers of magic as her other apprentices. Realizing
that the Avians cannot use magic at all, Mota transformed Divebomb into
an Elf, allowing him to control magic at his will.

After years and years of training, he was finally ready to become one of
the masters of the world. Mota surrounded him with her aura, then
transferred some of her powers to this Elf, who once was an Avian; thus
a new immortal, Divebomb was born.

...written by Kazin

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