Dakata's Story

Hmmm, where to begin. Well I suppose it all started in a town called Valence. After my mother and father's death I was left to fend for myself, shortly after I was taken in and raised up by a nice Dwarven family. Then the day came when I decided it was time to explore the realms and do some good and help those in time of need, as I once needed. Been a dwarf of course all humans hated me. I was walking down a dark overgrown road when I heard a piercing scream to the west, but I could not see through the dense forest to see what it was, so I bashed my way through. As I came closer the screaming became louder, then I finally reached to where it was coming from. I had noticed that someone was torturing a large ugly looking beast. I knew if I didn't do anything the beast would surly be killed. As I love all living things I felt that I had to aid the beast, so I step forward and ask the stranger nicely to stop tormenting the beast. He replied "GOTO HELL YOU FILTHY DWARF". So then I cut the beast down. As I did so the stranger pulled out his sword ready to attack me. "For that you die" as he drew his sword. I knew then I had no choice but to fight. As we were fighting I did not notice that the beast had been sneaking up from behind me. When the beast was almost on top of me I notice his shadow from behind and not thinking turned around to face whatever it was. As I turned around I felt a sharp pain as my attacker had stabbed me in the back. At that moment a golden Aura surrounded me and from nowhere a deep voice said "You have done well young dwarf, and in doing so you have honored us. You sacrificed your life for another and it is only fair you become one of us as an immortal. Do you accept?” Well of course I accepted there offer and became one of them...Did I kill the stranger you ask, well I guess you will never know :-)