(From the Barren Realms Library in Valence,

the Land of Heroes)

During the great war between Mota the Goddess of Order and Thanos the God of Destruction, two new races were created by Thanos: the Elves and the Ogres. These two new races were to fight against the agents of the great Mota. Fortunately without having much intelligence the Ogres were unable to find and disarm the traps laid by the Dwarves. The Ogres fell one by one until they realized the eventual doom of their race by Mota's creation. The Ogres fled to a distant mountain range. The Elves on the other hand were successful at attacking the druid city. But due to their liberated nature, the Elves attempted to escape from the grasp of Thanos. Although not every Elf succeeded, a small band of Elves escaped. One of these Elves was Dagmar. She was one of the High Elf Council Members that led the group of Elves that escaped Thanos. With her immensely powerful magic, she was able to improve the "Invisible" spell to affect a group of Elves with one single spell. This was a key element in her attempt to escape Thanos. Due to the great amount of mana required by Invisible spell, it would have been impossible to affect more than five Elves. However with her new spell, Dagmar was able to hide her friends and herself from the wrath of Thanos. Once the group of Elves was safely out of Thanos' grasp, they went ahead to seek for a place to start their new lives. The new Elven city was named Malathar. It became one of the most prosperous city, and with the leadership of the Elven Council, including Dagmar as the head of the Council, the city of Malathar spread its power throughout the Realms.

Although the Elves have become a powerful race under Dagmar's rule, one thing bothered her: the existence of the Druid race. Using her power, she sought out for the Druids everyday. On one fateful day, she finally found a small band of Druids that were practicing their healing spells. Finding these Druids to be rather graceful, Dagmar approached them with a smile. This was the beginning of an alliance between the Elves and the Druids. This was the monumental step toward a truce between the Elves and the Druids, and these two powerful yet graceful races decided to built a city. This place became a major city known as Malacandra. Dagmar, as the founder of the Alliance, has been given immortality by Mota. She became a gentle immortal who watched over the Realms with her peaceful nature.

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