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At first, there were humans created by the Goddess Mota. Then were not
the most impressive creatures in the world. However as they evolved,
they stopped believing in the Goddess Mota, their creator. A human called
Buddha became the symbol of power among the humans. Thanos, the God of
Destruction, saw the Buddha disrupting Mota's Great Plan, and he decided
to protect the Buddha, by giving him powers no human would ever imagine of.
Mota, observing her creation becoming tainted, transported her high priests
and acolytes to a dark circle of trees in a forest. These were the first
generation of the Druid race.

Among these Druids were a young man. Due to his young age, he was rather
weak in magic compare to his fellow Druids. However he truly believed in
Mota's plan and allowed her to guide him. Unfortunately a terrible accident
occurred while he was practicing his magic. The magic aura that was used
during the practice got out of control and caused a brain damage to the young
man. Mota, feeling sympathetic toward the young man, transferred her energy
into the young man, reviving him. There was a side-effect, however. Mota's
energy fused into his body, giving him great power beyond that of any Druid,
thus a new God, Comatose, was born.


- Comatose -

Story by Kazin

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