Axle's story...

    Axle was a mere boy when brought to this realm.  Before that time he had lived happily with his Kender mother, Triania, and his father, Gilderas. Gilderas was a foreigner to Triania's world; an Elf in a world that, until now, housed only Kenders.  The bi-racial upbringing that Axle received taught him much about compassion for those that are different and so often misunderstood.

    And then one day this world of peaceful happiness, which Axle knew so well,  was violently shattered.  Mota, the powerful Druid, had finally found Gilderas and struck him down for the sacrilegious act he committed so long ago - the same act that brought him to this foreign world of Kenders. Seeing Gilderas dead, Mota's rage abated, and the focused rage in her eyes dissolved.  Then she was able to see the grief on Triania and her children's faces.  Understanding that Triania would be an outcast, and alone, if left in her world, Mota felt pity and agreed to Triania's pleas to bring her and her children back to Mota's world - and that, the Barren Realms.

    Upon arrival, Axle, struck with grief, ran away from home.  While only a boy, Axle learned quickly how to survive on his own.  The anger he felt at the death of his father fueled his actions, and he hunted all creatures he could find, starting with the weaker and more lowly animals of the plains and gradually moving on to ever more challenging enemies.  His years of hunting taught him many skills; how to track his targets even when the only trace they left was a bent blade of grass, and how to circle around his enemies and land the perfect strike, sometimes killing them instantly.

    Axle continued to wander the realms in this fashion, until it came to be that all the Realms recognized him as a Hero and a man of great skill.

    It was at this point that Axle's rage finally began to diminish.  He returned home to his mother, Triania, who was now in the last years of her life.  Axle stayed by her side, and great compassion began to grow inside him.  He learned the story of how his father came to meet his mother, and of the acts of defacement that Gilderas committed in order to reach their world.  He forgave his father without a second thought; fore he knew him to be a good and reformed man while he lived on the world of Kenders. And gradually he even forgave Mota... for he now understood why Mota sought vengeance against his father.

    Axle's mother died a peaceful death.  Content, and feeling a great sense of closure for all of his feelings of anger, Axle set out on a new mission - to better the Realms in all ways.  As a Hero he helped many mortals - still in their infancy - learn to become better fighters, and even went so far as to host quests and other challenges for the mortals to participate in and enjoy.  He worked long and hard as to help people and make the Realms a better place for all to enjoy.  And after a good deal of effort and diligence in continuing his mission, the gods rewarded his efforts by making him immortal - so he could continue, unabated by death, to continue to peruse his goal for all eternity.

(For more background on the origins of Axle's parents, see "help Kender" while within the Barren Realms)

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