Great job if you've made it to avatar, good luck if you haven't yet!


     Avatar is achieved when one reaches level 151! As said in the hero section, you've beaten the game once you've reached level 51, whether you chose to go on to level 151 or not, that's your choice. 
      There are so many cool things about being an avatar, not only can you have some cool aliases (no-lag healing!!!) But you also get almost EVERY spell for every race! (If you're not an avian you don't get change sex) VERY COOL!!!!!
      Once you reach avatar you have to choice of staying there, or doing something called reheroing. When/If you rehero, Kiri sets your level to 51 (no, you don't lose anything) and you get to avatar all over again. I bet you're wondering the point of this....There's a couple of points really...the first is some people don't want the game to end when they reach 151, so they get to rehero and then they have something to do. Another cool thing about reheroing is the fact that you get more hps, mana, and mv! 
     You can rehero 3 times, which is why a lot of the avatars you see have an avatar4 instead of of plain avatar before their name on the who lists.
      Oh, one other cool thing about reheroing is that you can keep your avatar equipment on.....until you die that is, then you have to get the equipment for your level and your hit/dam won't be as good, but hey, it's still loads of fun to see how long you can go before you die or get disarmed!
    All in all, being an avatar is pretty darn fun! There are other perks, but I'll let you figure that out for yourself :)
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