The Story Of Aura

by AMystery OfNature

Listen and listen carefully my son, for today I will reveal the family's heritage, both its blessing and its curse. Long ago, when the universe was young, there was a crisis which could have destroyed the universe before it was truly begun. You see, time happened randomly, it would jump ahead eons,
then stop, there was no regular flow as we see it now. Our ancestors recognized this problem and took it upon themselves to solve the problem and
regulate time. Using all their powers, both mental, physical and spiritual, they took control of the rampaging time and controlled it, they provided a
direction and speed to time, creating what we see today. Suddenly entropy only increased, broken cups didn't spontaneously mend themselves, and the dead stopped rising from their graves. All the races of the universe united in declaring it good and seven years of rejoicing commenced.
This my son is your heritage.

My time is ending and now you must take over as Guardian of Time. It is a thankless job with long hours and low pay, on the plus side, you will control the universe and all the other forces will answer to and obey you. "Cool," thought Aura "I get to rule the universe."

Young Aura, who had long suspected his family was "different" now realized
the full scope of their uniqueness. Over the coming months he took over from
his father, learning the many flows of time and how to regulate them all.
Soon, Aura had matured into the undisputed Guardian of Time. He kept the
birds from jumping back into their eggs, the water from flowing up waterfalls
and the mobs from jumping back from their graves, although on this last task,
he always had difficulty.