Considerations for Humans

Humans are the BR equivalent of the monk class. A relatively uncommon class of martial artists, strongly favouring unarmed combat and mystical means over the use of weapons. Although humans match the dwarf in having up to 6 attacks a round, only 2 of those come from weapons, and only if 2 weapons are wielded. Their unarmed attacks, including skill use depends solely on level and to hit and damage bonuses, keeping them effective even after being disarmed. They also get an interesting supply of spells, including some personal use only variants of druid spells (like medicine (cure heavy wounds) and iron monk (sanctuary)). They also get an interesting racial modifier, when using the kick skill, they can hit an opponent up to 3 times with it in the same round.

Weapons policy: In this aspect humans are the exact opposite of dwarves. Therefore they should equip using exactly the opposite criteria, maximizing to hit and damage bonuses at the expense of actual weapon damage. the weapon damage only gets used for the 1st attack each weapon makes, but the bonuses are counted for the other weapon as well as for the up to 4 unarmed attacks and the attack skill or spell.

Armor policy: Humans are perhaps the one race that should consider a 3rd set of equipment. Besides their leveling equipment they should have one set for when they tank, maximizing armor class and one maximizing to hit and damage bonuses when in second rank. Note that unlike dwarves, humans lack the rescue skill and therefore will generally stick to their planned role of either tank or support, but not both.

Group considerations: The mere fact that humans are the only real combat class with their own array of heavy protection spells, including sanctuary, generally places them in the tank position, except when teamed with an illithid, who can tank even better, or a kender who will normally be compelled into the front rank by its abilities. Humans team best with a dwarf or one of the supporting classes, but not too well with other humans. Like dwarves, their main strength lies in hitting hard and taking damage, although they are far more dependant on spells and skills, which make up a significant part of their total damage output a round.

Most prominent weakness: As humans advance, they will more dependant on the roundhouse kick, an attack skill that at higher levels can do incredible amounts of damage. The main drawback of this skill is it's backfire. If the skill fails, the human trips himself and can do nothing for the next few rounds, even when flying! This can be very dangerous around really tough mobs!

Humans need to actively use their magic to deal damage or spell themselves up. Once that is taken care of and mana is getting low, the powerful combat skills should be used to deal even more damage. Be sure to make comparative attacks once in a while to see if roundhouse has surpassed the power of the triple kick. once it does, stick with it unless you need to keep an escape route open. The diversity in their attack methods and their relative independance of weapons make them one of the most interesting and potent classes in the game.