Considerations for Elves

Elves are the mages of BR, being able to wield powerfull offensive magic, at the expense of conventional combat capabilities. their protective magic allows them to do a little tanking, but they will do best standing in the back of a group, throwing spells at the opponent and making the group invisible afterwards. they also get a great instrument for making friends: the enchant weapon spell. A high level elf can use that spell to make a weapon many times as powerfull as it would have been unenchanted.

Weapons policy: Since elves strongly prefer magic over fighting, it is best to simply go for the to hit and damage bonusses. Be sure to get a new weapon and re-enchant it every time the enchant bonus increases. Also enflame it so your spells are more dont get many attacks, they might just as well be good ones.

Armor policy: Since an elf does best in the back of a formation, they best pick armor that increases mana, so they can throw more spells around. After that, armor class comes next, just in case the elf has to tank or rely on charmies to keep himself out of trouble.

Grouping considerations: Although elves make better tanks than the vulnerable avians or the offensively weak druids, they should normally just stand back and throw fireballs and maladictions (spells like fearie fire and blindness that make the opponent more vulnerable or less effective). their mass invis spell is a real asset, allowing even the largest group to be shrouded with one single casting. These are the prime reasons to group with an elf. higher effect at hitting mobs, good, nearly uncounterable shock damage through spells and free invisibility.

Most prominent weakness: Elves rely heavily on mana. once that is depleted they are extremely weak and vulnerable. They also lack endurance, making them easy prey for a mob with a high level damage output.

Elves must kill their opponents through clever spell use, and avoid hand to hand engagement whenever possible. when alone, the charm spell can help, keeping the elf clear from attacks while he works his magic. keep in mind that all spells increase in effect and/or duration as you advance, so finding the right spell can be a little tricky sometimes. the invis and teleport spells allow him to get by most mobs without combat, although teleport CAN go wrong and place the elf in some random, potentially dangerous location. Leveling an elf can be really hard work, but through clever use of the spells given it surely is possible.