Considerations for Druids

Druids correspond to the cleric class on common MUDS. They are the healers of the realms. Weak in combat and lacking the offensive array of the elves, these people rely on their ability to reduce damage and heal wounds to stay alive, and can use these abilities to help others as well, making them very valuable members for groups.

Weapons policy: since druids mainly cast spells in combat to heal, they won't need the to hit and damage modifiers an elf needs as much as a good raw damage output on the weapons. After all, 2 weapon attacks is all these benign people can do in the way of damaging their opponent. They better be good attacks!

Armor policy: Just like elves, druids prefer to stay out of the way of harm, doing most of their work in the back of the formation or between fights. Because of that, they should focus mainly on mana bonuses, followed by some AC for the few blows they must endure themselves. Again to hit and damage bonuses are of lesser importance, when damage is required berzerk will do nicely.

Grouping considerations: Druids rarely need to look hard for a group. EVERYONE can use another druid! In a group they will usually sanc up the tank(s), then stand back and rake in their part of the experience, only providing minimal fire support with assisting. Afterward they heal up the wounded and recover mana for the next kill. With this approach a group can last a lot longer in dangerous territory than when they were on their own. Of course a group of all druids is not a good idea since someone needs to be there to tank and deal out damage! Just like dwarves, druids should modify their prompt to display the status of the tank, healing him up when neccesary or appropriate.

Most prominent weakness: Druids have nearly no offensive capabilities, relying on their ability to heal and protect from blows to wear their opponent down. When an enemy is really tough, he could outlive the druid, forcing him to flee or killing him.

Druids should have little problem finding a group. As a result, they should solo as little as possible, using all their enhancements and protections before fighting and healing up a lot in combat to try and outlive the opponent. Having heal and sanctuary as spells are the druids 2 most prominent advantages, which come out best while in a group. Also, their ability to summon a fallen comrade right back to their corpse can also prove invaluable, especially if sentries or doors would have to be crossed otherwise. Druids are great in groups, lousy alone!